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Photo Master PhotoDirector is a simple starter on Android、Powerful photo editing APP。Photo Master PhotoDirector offers a variety of tuning tools,Lets you use your phone or tablet on your phone, anytime, anywhere,you'll add stunning colors to your photos.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Photo Master (PhotoDirector)It's a set of simple starters.、Powerful photo editing APP。 Provides a variety of adjustment and repair tools,Lets you use your phone or tablet on your phone, anytime, anywhere,you'll add stunning colors to your photos.。


Meet all the needs of photo action editing:
Easy-to-use yet powerful photo editing tools
✩ AdjusthSL slider and RGB color space,Freely create your image color or correct white balance issues
✩ Adjust tones、Overexposure or underexposure and contrast

✩ Quick-correct white balance,Improve color accuracy

✩ Photo effects can be used for global or specific areas
✩ Adjust color saturation,Give your photos a vivid color
✩ Camera can be launched directly in the app,Or turn on a photo from your gallery for editing。


Advanced camera mode,Real-time filter with the snap!
✩ into Camera Mode,Lets you use and preview various filter effects or other photo effects at the same time,Quickly create your own glamour photos!


Collage&Photo frame tool makes your photos more lively and interesting!
✩ Live Collage&Photo Frame Tool,Free editing、Adjust and combine your great photos


Smart PatchIng Tools,Make p-chart ultra-simple

✩ Powerful Defog Tool,Effectively remove the picture haze,Let the scenery not be covered by the gloom
✩ Circle to remove objects,Intelligently detect and fill the background,Second speed to remove not-wanted characters

Easily add HDR、Style and overlay layers

✩ Through mixed mode or mirroring tools,Create fun-to-use images
✩ Add and adjust HDR effects,Create dramatic landscapes

✩ one-click cover-draining、Dirty、Lens flareor or overshoot effect
✩ Include rich photo style files,IncludeLomo、Art、HDR and Vignette, etc.,Quick use gives photos not the same look
✩ Use linear/circular blur tools,Add a charming bokeh、Shaft shift or depth-of-field effect


Create flawless portraits

✩ quickly removes night-time selfie red-eye dilemma
✩ Improve skin quality with repair tools,Create the perfect portrait between the fingers


Share with your touch editor

✩ can upload the artwork to Facebook immediately after editing, Twitter, Flickr, Social sites such as Instagram,Share your favorites with family and friends,Easy and effortless!
✩ take advantage of the InstaFill tool,No need to crop images,Upload photos directly to Instagram

✩ You can directly set your creations to action device tablecloths from the app


Full features:

– Remove the "PhotoDirector" watermark on photo frames and collage templates
– There is no limit to the number of times object removal features are used

– Remove ads from apps
– Support for the output of 4K ultra-clear quality photos (*Depending on the mobile device,And there's a difference.)

[Minimum system requirements]
✩ Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)Above
✩ 1GHz processor
✩ 768MB of memory
✩ 480×640 Resolution
✩ ARM Central Processor、Tegra 3 or more
✩ Limited Support JPEG / PNG Picture Format


Update the log:

Add Image as layer:Updated City for Adjustment Tools. Including auto-zoom, Temperature tap, and support for birds-eye view editing.


Version description:

1、Remove ads

2、Unlock all paid features


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