Video Conversion VidCode v4.29 Chinese Green Portable Edition

VidCoder是一款Windows平台下的开源的 DVD /蓝光翻录和视频转码应用程序现爱绿软为大家带来的视频转换 VidCoder绿色便携版已经更新到 v4.29 。Support for multithreaded、MP4、MKV、H.264、H.265、MPEG-4、MPEG-2.、VP8、Theora视频等更多功能等待你去发现

Description of the app:

The list of features.
MP4,MKV container.
A fully integrated coding pipeline.:It's all in one process.,There are no huge intermediate temporary files.
H.264,H.265,MPEG-4,MPEG-2.,VP8,Theora video.
With AMD VCE.,Hardware acceleration coding for Nvidia NVENC and Intel QuickSync.
Aac,MP3,Vorbis,AC3,FLAC audio encoding and AAC. / AC3 / MP3 / Dts. / DTS-HD pass-through.
Locate the bit rate of the video.,Size or mass.
Decomb.,detelecine.,deinterlace.,Rotate.,reflect filter.
Powerful batch coding.
Instant source preview.
Create a small encoded preview clip.
Time out,Recover the encoding.


VidCoder包括英语,Spanish,German,French,Italian,Portuguese,Brazilian Portuguese,Dutch,Turkish,Bosnian,Korean,Czech,Polish,Indonesian,Russian,Chinese Simplified,Chinese Traditional,Japanese,Hungarian,格鲁吉亚语和巴斯克语翻译将根据您的操作系统语言自动选择正确的语言或者可以手动选择


Update the log:

Fixed drag and drop reorder not affecting output for subtitles and audio tracks.
Fixed Foreign Audio Search choice not appearing when it’s not brought in by a Picker.
Changed “totalcount for audio and subtitle tracks in summary to always reflect the source track count and not count duplicated output tracks.


Version description:

Green portability,单文件版直接运行即可使用


Download the address: Extract code:vp4t



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