All-round video conversion VidCoder v4.34 Green

VidCoder is a powerful video format conversion tool.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the all-powerful video conversion VidCoder green version has been updated to.v4.34.

VidCoder is an open source DVD/Blu-ray rip and video transcoding application for Windows.。It uses HandBrake as its coding engine.。VidCoder supports almost all common video formats or CDs.、Dvd、The video in Blu-ray DVD is converted to mp4.、mkv format.,VidCoder is a very useful video conversion software.。

Description of the app:

The list of features.
MP4,MKV container.
A fully integrated coding pipeline.:It's all in one process.,There are no huge intermediate temporary files.
H.264,H.265,MPEG-4,MPEG-2.,VP8,Theora video.
With AMD VCE.,Hardware acceleration coding for Nvidia NVENC and Intel QuickSync.
Aac,MP3,Vorbis,AC3,FLAC audio encoding and AAC. / AC3 / MP3 / Dts. / DTS-HD pass-through.
Locate the bit rate of the video.,Size or mass.
Decomb.,detelecine.,deinterlace.,Rotate.,reflect filter.
Powerful batch coding.
Instant source preview.
Create a small encoded preview clip.
Time out,Recover the encoding.

You need .NET. 4.7.1。If you don't.,VidCoder will prompt you to download and install it.。If you use the latest Windows. 10,You don't need to install anything.; It's pre-installed.NET. 4.7.1。

You don't need to install the handbrake vidCoder to work.。

DVD VidCoder can rip DVDs without breaking CSS encryption in most commercial DVDs.。There are several ways you can remove encryption.:

Any DVD HD ($121).,Dynamically remove encryption.,Best support for new titles)
Passkey Lite (free.,Instant removal of encryption)
MakeMKV (free of charge.,Need to copy to hard drive before encoding)
DVD Decrypter (free.,You need to copy to the hard drive before coding.,Don't update again)


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Version description:

Green Edition


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