Free unzip software Bandizip v7.0.8 Portable

Bandizip is a free decompression software.。Bandizip,It's small.,Run fast,Ideal for WinRAR and Winzip alternative software.,And there is a unique place to oh.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Key features
Support for the operating system: Windows Vista/7/8/10. (x86/x64/ARM64.)
The license type.:Free software(Eula.)
All-powerful compression/decompression/browsing/editing software.
More than 30 formats can be extracted.,Includes RAR/RAR5/7Z/ZIP, etc.
Includes password compression and volume compression.
Supportfor multi-core high-speed compression.

The supported format.: Zip, 7Z(lzma2.), ZIPX.(xz.), Exe.(sfx.), TAR, TGZ., LZH(lh7.), Iso(Joliet.), GZ, XZ
ZIP file modification (add/delete/rename)
Multi-core parallelism is supported.,Compression speed can be increased to up to 6 times.
Encrypted compression.
Support for AES256 encryption algorithms.
Supports file compression of more than 4GB.
Unicode or MBCS file names are supported for ZIP formats.
Volume compression can be performed on the ZIP/7z format.

The supported format.: 7Z, Aes, ALZ., ARJ, Bh., BIN BIN, Bz., BZ2, CAB, Compound.(Msi), EGG., GZ, Img, Iso, ISZ., LHA., Lz., LZH, LZMA, Pma., RAR, RAR5., SFX.(Exe.), TAR, TBZ., TBZ2., TGZ., TLZ., TXZ., Udf, WIM, XPI., XZ, Z, Zip, ZIPX., ZPAQ.
Easily view the files in the compressed package.
Only the selected file can be unzipped.,Supports drag and drop decompression.
You can add comments to THE ZIP and RAR formats.
One step to unzip files in TGZ/TBZ format.

Test file integrity to determine if the package is corrupt.
Supports code page modification.
Can be integrated into the Explorer right-click menu.


Update the log:

Fixed security issue when use open file location feature.;
Fixed Some Minor Bugs. & Other changes.;


Version description:

# Go to key detection.,Go to the Internet for verification.,No need to disconnect online activation of Enterprise/Professional!

How do I use it? Put the patch in the installation directory to perform.,Then start the software manual registration.
Email address:You can fill in any one.,That is, feel free to fill in a fake email format address.
Enterprise Product Key 20380328-ENT000002-0E34A5561-166371E0.
Professional Product Key 20380328-PRO0BFAEBFDAE23C425E-173E2DF1.

What if the unlock patch is used in the official portable version?
The is_portable in the config.ini in the portable version needs to be changed to 0.,Save the settings to the registry.


Go to the network to verify that the patch is installed directory.,Then start the software registration.;
v7.03 Algorithm Key ot PYG TEAM.
Email address:You can fill in any one.,That is, feel free to fill in a fake mailbox format.


Download the address:



Bandizip v7.08 Official Installation. / Portable Version 2020/06/10
Official latest (standard/Professional/Enterprise version shares one installation package)


Genuine specials.:(A small partner with the ability can support a wave)


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