Mac Wanxing PDF Editor Reader PDFelement Pro for Mac v7.5.5.2868 Special Edition

PDFelement Pro for Mac是MacOs平台上一款PDF阅读编辑器现爱绿软为大家带来的Mac万兴PDF编辑阅读器 PDFelement Pro for Mac特别版已经更新到 v7.5.5.2868

PDFelement is a full-fly solution specialist for PDF,Focus on the creation of PDFs、Edit、Transformation、Marking、Protection、Management、Watermarking、Compression、Signature and other functions。Wondershare PDFelement is an excellent professional PDF editing software made in China,Gain a reputation abroad with a minimalist style and powerful features,In addition to traditional reading、Edit、Comments and other functions,It provides form filling、Extracts、Powerful features such as format conversion,It is currently a strong competitor to Adobe Acrobat。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

Wantin PDF Editor Wondershare PDFelement 6 What are the advantages?

PDFelement 6 Pro - All-round PDF Tool Set - PDF Reader + PDF Creator + PDF Editor + PDF Noteor + PDF Converter + OCR recognition tool + Form filling and creating + Extracts + Bulk processing + See more features of Pro Edition

Easily convert PDF documents,Converted files are highly restored,Ability to preserve the original layout to the maximum extent possible without changing。You can convert a PDF document or PDF scan into Word、Excel、Ppt、EPUB、Html、Text、RTF and other commonformats。

Form processing:One-click identification of form fill-in areas,Support for data recognition,Build a table document,Bulk processing PDF forms。

Extract function:Form archiving and data entry,Automatic identification of fillable form fields,No need to convert formats,You can fill it out directly。

Define form options,Like what:Text field,Check box,Radio button,Combo box,List box,Button or signature field。

Editing,Allows users to edit text directly in PDF,It's the same as using Word!

Comment tool:Includes highlighting、Underlined、Remove the line、Brush、Seal、Text labels, etc.。

OCR character recognition technology:Scans can also be converted to fully editable and searchable documents。


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