Android Clip Picture Editor Cut Paste Photo Editor v1.19 Paid Unlock

Cut Paste Photo Editor is a picture processing app on android.。The paid unlock version of Cut Paste Photo Editor, the clip photo editor that loves Green Soft, has been updatedv1.19

Cut Paste Photo Editor supports face changes、Quickly replace the character background, and more。

Description of the app:

Do you want to swap faces without using Photoshop or using crop photos to remove people from photos or delete or change photo backgrounds or want to prank your friends? The Cut and Paste Photo Editor is the best application for cutting images from one image and pasting them into another。

You can crop a picture pair of images or characters,paste it into another image or background,No professional photo editing tools are required。Best cut,Copy and paste photos of the tool。

The Clip Photo app is the Smooth Clip Paste Editor Photo app。Users can create photos by pasting multiple photos or stickers in other backgrounds。

The Photo Merge app uses this app to discard absentees to clip and paste photo collages or family photos。

Cut and paste photo editor feature
✔ photo clip:Use free fingers to cut photos like hearts,Circular,Elliptic,Rectangular,Square and triangular shape cut。

✔ photo collage editor:Includes photo collage editor,You can cut and paste photos and collages of text and drawing photos from a variety of sources。

✔ photo editor:Use drawing photos to edit photos,Wipe.,Cutting.,The app works like a photoshop face
✔ photo erased:Touch with your finger to erase any part of the photo

✔ image viewer:You can see all the creations in the Build Image Viewer。
✔ photo crop:Crop photos of multiple shapes。
✔ photo paint:Paint the photo,Like Photoshop Mix
✔ photo filter:Many filer themes cut in for me
✔ flip the photo:Flip in any direction
✔ the text on the photo – Text cut through different photos,The text font,Text colorers and text colors,Send text messages on the collage,Transfer text on the collage。
✔ photo stickers – Stickers in more than 400 categories,Such as Emoji stickers,Crying Jordan,Animal emoji,Mask.,Baby stickers,Graffiti and event stickers。

Cut and paste photos are now more advanced with new tools,Such as the advanced photo editor,Magnifier support,Collage manufacturer,Face tailoring, etc。

Make facial edits from a photo like a Drop animal's face,And combine photos on your friends' photos。

Save and share photo creations with friends and family on any social networking site。

Cut and paste the photo,Face swap,Photo editing,Photo background changer,Photo Background Eraser,Copy and paste the photo,Replace the camera。

Create a sticker,Face.,Merge photos,Image,Face.,Deform this app。

Create an amazing cut image collage with a cut-and-mix studio。Change your smartphone picture,Make them look like they were shot on the camera。

The application gives you a range of tools,Turn your daily photos into spectacular artworks of the finest style,Instead of using fotoshop。


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Version description:

1、Unlock the paid PRO feature

2、Remove ads


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