Taobao Time Sync Assistant + Time Sync Assistant Green Portable Edition

Time Sync Assistant is a time-sync software on the windows platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Taobao JD-East time synchronization assistant green portable version has been updated to

Snap ingesting time sync assistant is also the next time synchronization of windows platform,He can sync the time between and Taobao.,Error control at millisecond level。

Description of the app:

Taobao Time Sync Assistant 2.0
Add auto-calibrated command "/q",Auto-calibration does not have any windows。
Optimize the code a little bit,Cancel message box reminder,Change to label tip error。


Snap time sync assistant
In Tmall、Taobao、When was doing second-of-the-second killing activities,,Sometimes,We wait edaly at the computer.,Wait till it's time to click and buy immediately,But i still can't get it.,That's partly because your local computer time isn't too precise.,caused to miss the best time to snap up。

Get e-commerce platform server network time,Then sync to local computer time,Although Windows systems can adjust the time,But you can't be accurate to the millisecond level! This tool calls the system's api to the millisecond level!

Open the software,Click the Sync Time button to sync time,There's a request delay here.,It is recommended that you click the button multiple times,Keep the delay in about 50 milliseconds! The smaller the delay, the better!


Multi-service time synchronization supports multiple time server interfaces:Baidu、National Time-Granting Center、Tencent Portal、QQ Farms、Baidu paste bar、Tencent TIM、Time calibration network、2345Weather、360、、Alibaba Cloud、Sina、Cool Dog

Update the log:

Add a、Taobao、Sina、Stick、Baidu、National Time Time Center Time Sync Tool。


Version description:

No ads、Green portability


Download the address:



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