Quickly replace Win10's time-sync server address

Windows system comes with a time sync server,For a variety of special reasons,、Special domestic circumstances,There are often times where network time cannot be automatically synchronized。After inquiry,In addition to microsoft Windows comes with a sync server address,In fact, there are many companies and institutions at home and abroad also provide time server address。


If it's a Win10 operating system,Tap in the bottom right corner of the desktop Current year,m/time


Choose Date and time settings


Choose Regional Other dates、Time and locale


Choose Date and time


Choose Internet timeChange settings – Selected Synchronize with Internet time servers, Server address entry ntp1.aliyun.com select Update now

Choose Are you sure


Domestic time server address is available:

Alibaba Cloud provides public NTP services,The following 7 domain names:



Windows Server,Or use ntpdate,Then you can use it directly.



MoreNTP server addresses at home and abroadhttps://dns.iui.im/ntp/


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