Android Compass GPS Compass + GPS Signal v22.1.1 Paid Dead edition

Compass + GPS Signal is a tool on Android that integrates compass compass and GPS。Love Green Soft for everyone to bring Android Compass GPS Compass + GPS Signal Paid Dead edition has been updated tov22.1.1

Compass + GPS Signal支持指南针导航统计卫星统计、Keep GPS locked。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

- Compass – Magnetic title
Navigation statistics – Speed,Routes,Altitude,Latitude and longitude
Satellite statistics – Signal,Calendar,Star Calendar,Azimuth,Time and fixed accuracy
Keepalive – Keep GPS locked

Advanced Features (Inapp Purchase): –
No ads
Keepalive widgets

Technical notes:
Before receiving the positioning,At least three or four satellites are needed.。 Almanac and Ephemeris (Precise) are satellite data cached in the GPS engine。Annual calendar data is valid for several months。Star calendar data will fail in a few hours.。If you get more satellites with a valid star calendar,,Then you'll soon get location fixes with good accuracy。


Update the log:

Compatibility for Android 10


Version description:(@balatan)

1、Advanced features unlocked

2、Disable/remove unwanted permissions, recipients and services

3、Analytics/Crashlytics (Crash) disabled


Download address:


SVIP free

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