Android GPS Status GPS Status v9.2.187 Pro Crack

GPS Status是安卓平台上一款可以查看GPS状态信息的工具现爱绿软为大家带来的安卓 GPS状态 GPS Status 专业破解版已经更新到v9.2.187

GPS Status可以显示GPS和传感器数据卫星的位置和信号强度精度、Speed、加速度、Altitude、方位俯仰角滚转角和电池状态

Application instructions:



Update the log:

Minor fixes, mostly relevant to billing.
License state is now strictly follows the state of the in-app purchase. (i.e. canceling the purchase will deactivate the license).
Out of app (pending) purchase support added (if it is supported in your country).
Google Analytics library has been removed.
– The Reduced App size.


Version description:(@balatan)

1、Pro feature unlocked – 无需其他密钥
2、Optimized graphics and clean packaging resources,Fast load and small size

3、Unwanted permissions, receivers and services are disabled/deleted
4、Google Analytics / Crashlytics retired


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