Image browser FastStone Image Viewer v7.3 Green Portable

FastStone Image Viewer is the next compact picture browser on the windows platform。FastStone Image Viewer Green Portable Edition, which loves green soft for everyone, has been updated to v7.3

This picture browser installation package is minimal,Screenshots are also supported,Support for JPEG、Jpeg 2000、Bmp、Png、Gif、PCX、Wmf、TIF、ICO、 Image types such as TGA。And ICO can be made.。

Description of the app:

The name of the FastStone image browser is somewhat misleading.,because it's both an image browser's photoies and editing。Although it can't compete with the beautiful features in the leading image editing suite,but its viewing options are first-class。

Image viewing and editing
FastStone Image Viewer has a variety of image viewing options。First of all,There is a standard file browser that displays a thumbnail of your image with a preview window for the currently selected file。The program also provides an option,You can view individual pictures in full-screen mode,and slides with different background effects,and the ability to zoom and zoom in on photos。

Other options include the ability to compare up to four images side-by-side,so you can decide which images to keep,as well as marking images (with location) and viewing EXIF information (camera settings and scene data)。

But,FastStone Image Viewer is more than just displaying images。You can perform quick editing,Really get the best out of your photos,For example, add a stylish frame as a mask,To reduce sharp edges or add borders,Watermarking,Sketching and oil painting effects。

Or,If you are using 3D,FastStone Image Viewer also offers a very effective bump mapping option,A good service for textures。And for resizing,Cutting,Brightness/Darkness Adjustment,Sharpness/Blur,Standard tool for gray and red eye elimination,and for adjusting the level,More advanced tools for curves and lighting。

Other features include bulk conversion to PDF,Jpg,PNG and TIFF files, as well as screen capture and add text in the tablet menu,Options for lines and shapes。FastStone Image Viewer also supports touch interface input。

Overly complex layout
The interface of the FastStone image viewer looks a bit out of date.,And it's too busy.。All the buttons at the top of the screen are not obvious.,And it complicates the layout.。But the drop-down menu is well organized and logical.,This makes access to the required options easier。

When you view an image in full-screen mode,You can still access different tools by hovering over the four corners of the screen,It's a useful trick.,Helps make your program more user-friendly。Or,You can right-click the screen for some basic navigation and editing options。

If you like a different style (MacX,Windows XP,Windows Classic, etc.),You can change the appearance of FastStone Image Viewer。

Insist on image viewing
Competition in the image viewer field is fierce,FastStone Image Viewer offers many powerful features in a package that is fairly easy to use, if not very attractive。But,The program seems to have an identity crisis.,Can't determine whether it's an image editor or a viewer。If FastStone Image Viewer insists on developing a range of excellent options for viewing images,Then it will still be the first choice for downloads。Portable versions can be found on the developer's website。At last,If you are looking for more free alternatives to this program,We recommend that you download IrfanView or XnView。


Update the log:

Fixed a bug that's a caused copy and paste no in Design and Print;
S.Minor and Bug fixes;


Version description:

Based on the official 7.2 Versioning
Open is Chinese Simplified plus the registration version
Fully portable green,Can be taken away from the operation
Added associated setup tool iwrote (FSIV-ASO.exe),Unsolved portable version sit an associated problem (official portable version same issue)

Ps:In Windows. 10 Next,After running FSIV-ASO.exe,You also need to set up — Application — Choose from the default app。Please note that


Green portability

FastStone Image Viewer is free software,Non-commercial use can be used free of charge for free,No registration required。

For registration below the registration version is already available。




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