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XnView is a picture browsing manager on the windows platform that supports reading photo information.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the picture browsing management XnView green Hanhua version has been updated. v2.49.

xnview is a professional picture processing software as well as a picture browser.。It supports picture conversion.、Bulk conversion、Picture editing and so on.。

Description of the app:

XnView is an efficient image viewer.,Browser and Windows converter.。
The software is very simple to use.,It is completely free for personal use.。It supports more than 500 image formats.
No adware,There is no spyware.。

Photo viewer.
Use XnView.,You can browse in a number of ways.,Organize and view images.:
Thumbnail view
Full-screen view.
FilmStrip view.
Use FX for a slide presentation.
Image comparison.
Wait a minute…

Photo Editor
XnView allows you to work with images using a range of editing tools.:
Lossless rotation and crop (jpeg)
Adjusting the brightness,Contrast,……
Automatic level.,Automatic contrast.
Modify the color depth and palette.
Apply filters and effects.

In addition to exporting more than.
70outside the format.,
XnView can also be created.:
Web page.
Contact form.
Video thumbnail library.
A list of files.
Image bar.

Unparalleled compatibility.
XnView allows you to read about.
(Includes multi-page and animated static format APNG.),Tiff,Gif,ICO, etc.)。Some formats may require plug-ins.
XnView also provides a convenient screen capture module and Windows ™ TWAIN and WIA interfaces to capture images.。

And more. …
Some of the other notable features of XnView are.:

Metadata Support and Editing (IPTC)
JPEG lossless transformation.
Repeat the file finder.
Bulk processing
Bulk renaming.
Print the module.


Update the log:

* RGB inverted by dyndd dydd y8bits cmap picture from browser.
* WebP 32bits.
* PDF Multipage create.


Version description:

Join Hanhua based on the official lite version.


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