Android Download Advanced Download Manager (ADM) Pro v8.2 build 80222 Professional Special Edition

Advanced Download Manager is a multithreaded download app on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring android download sharp erbyst Advanced Download Manager (ADM) Pro Special Edition has been updated tov8.2 build 80222

ADM is a very powerful Android downloader,Support for up to three file downloads on the network at the same time、Multi-threaded accelerated downloads。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Powerful downloader:
– Up to three files can be downloaded simultaneously on the network;
– Speed up downloads by using multithreaded (9 threads);
– Recover files after downloading in the background fail;
– Intercept links from your browser and clipboard;
– Download Accelerator for Social Networking Services;
– Enhance the algorithm to speed up the download;
– Speed up downloading shared files;
– Can be used on the image,File,Compression and program loading;
– Support for download interruption souratability;
– Video and music downloads;
– Support for files larger than 2GB;
– 2G,3G and 4G networks provide faster downloads;
– Download only over Wi-Fi;
– Download files in parallel in the queue。

Clean interface:
– Support pause,Recovery,Restart the download;
– MD design,The menu on the left has a quick option;
– Open your own download with your favorite app;
– Information download:Speed,Scale,Time;
– Build a site's advanced profile;
– Sort by type、Order、Size and name download;
– Easy to manage downloaded content menus;
– Widgets on the main screen。
– Fine-tuning for each download;

Advanced settings:
– Interface customization and themes;
– Select the folder where the files are downloaded;;
– Create a neutral slot to speed up downloads;
– Import a list of links from a text file on the SD card;
– Store different file types in different folders;
– Auto-operate after downloading;
– List of downloads and settings for backup files;
– Downloads will automatically stop if the battery is low;
– Automatic recovery after errors and broken connections;
– Automate on schedule;
– For each type of connection profile;
– Turbo mode for accelerated downloads;
– Plan to start downloading at the right time;
– Supportfor quick and automatic downloads。

Simple control download list:
– Open the file by completing the download;
– Press Download To Start/Stop Travel;
– Press and hold downloads to display content menus。

Fast ADM browser:
– Support for multiple labels;
– Intercept MP4 Video;
– History and bookmark list;
– MP3 compression download;
– Simply send files to the downloader;
– Select User Agent to forge browsers。
– Simple download of all types of files;

Extended notifications:
– Complete notifications with sound and vibration。
– Transparent progress bar at the top of all windows;
– Icons with progress and speed in the notification panel;

Add files to the Advanced Download Manager:
– Press and hold links to display content menus,Select the ADM Editor press”Shares”Send”And from the window”By sharing”;
– By link,Then select the ADM editor from the window”Complete the operation using”;
– Program blocked from scrapbook after copying link sent in ADM editor,Or use”Add to”Button and attach edited link。

Advanced Download Manager is your best Android downloader!


Update the log:

Updated interface.
Dark Theme (Left Menu – Options)
Import/Export browser bookmarks (Settings – Data)
Notification priorityy, Show notification on lock screen, Clear notifications after closing program (Settings – Notifications)
Clear old finished ed downloads (Settings – Automation)
Checking file against SHA-256 hash (Editor – Checksum)
Clear Cookies (Settings – Browser)
Total file size for selected downloads.
Force download a file in waiting mode.


Version description:

1、Professional features unlocked

2、Optimize graphics and clean up resources for quick load

3、Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services

4、Removed Brain Analysis/Crash Analysis Disabled

5、Compatible with AOSP


Download the address:


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