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50 languages is a language learning software on Android。50The language includes 100 courses that provide basic vocabulary for beginners。So you don't need a foreign language foundation,You will learn in a short time in practical situations,Fluent in short sentence sessions。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

50Languages ( 100 courses with basic vocabulary for beginners。
No need for a foreign language foundation,You will learn in a short time in practical situations,Fluent in short sentence sessions。In order to learn a foreign language effectively,50Language 50languages teaching methods successfully combine voice materials with textbooks。

Textbooks with voice materials are reasonably priced,And can effectively assist your foreign language learning。

50Language 50words refers to the European Common Framework A1 and A2 level standards,This applies to all types of schools and students。 The voice material can be used effectively as an auxiliary material in foreign language schools and foreign language courses。 Adults who have learned a foreign language can also review in 50 languages and 50 languages。

These 100 courses will help you quickly master a foreign language and use it in a variety of occasions,Such as hotel situ.、Travel、Meet friends、Shopping、Medical treatment、Banks, etc.。 You can download audio files to your MP3 player,And listen to learning anytime, anywhere, For example, at a bus stop., Railway station,In the car.,Or during a lunch break.! The best way to use 50 languages 50wordsis is to learn one lesson a day,and regularly review lessons that i've learned before.。

This free 50 languages 50language voice materials project aims to encourage people around the world to learn a foreign language,and promote the country,Understanding between cultures。


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