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Improve English can help you learn and improve your English,and practice math in a simple and fun way.。The course is in English vocabulary.,Grammar,English idioms.,English phrase verb.,Math tips and tricks.,Ratioands and ratios.,Advance.,Average.,percentages, etc. are based.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app: helps you learn and improve your English.,and practice math in a simple and fun way.。

The course is in English vocabulary.,Grammar,English idioms.,English phrase verb.,Math tips and tricks.,Ratioands and ratios.,Advance.,Average.,percentages, etc. are based.。

The platform uses specially designed scientific algorithms to help you learn and improve your English and practice math effectively.。

The focus of the course.

1。 Wray Builder - Easy. :Learn English with these most commonly used words.。Convenient flashback cards make it easy and enjoyable to remember.,Improve vocabulary and learn English.。

2。 Common words.:This course will help you learn more than 200 homophones.,Homophones and other confusing words.。

3。Vocabulary Builder - Advanced.:Entrance examinations require a wide range of English vocabulary.。This list of words can help you improve the vocabulary required for competitive exams.。

4。Phrase verb.:This course will help you easily understand the usage of the most commonly used English phrase verbs.,And help you stand out in exams such as XAT and NMAT.。

5。English idioms.:Learn English through this course.,Introduce you to about 250 common English idioms.。

6。The Team Builder-Intermediate. :A list of required words to improve your English vocabulary.,Contains more than 200 words.,It will help you to improve your English.。Good commands for these words will also help you at CAT.,Gre.,Gmat.,IELTS and TOEFL have achieved good results in exams.。

** Minis Festival - New Courses

These new interactive courses are now available under two themes.:English and math.。The course focuses on English grammar.,Proverb,Prepositions.,Punctuation.,Conjunctions.,Special courses.,These courses will help you take the IELTS exam.,GRE and other competitive exams to prepare.,Math tips and tricks.,Ratioands and ratios.,Percentage.,Average.,Advanced, etc.。

1。Word Inspector.:Improve your reading skills by playing this fun vocabulary game.。
2。Space chase.:Improve your writing skills by learning to handle common English words.。
3。Polarity.:Understand the positive and negative shadows that come with the meaning of a word.。
4。Jelly Fizz. :Learn phrase verbs in an interesting way to improve your oral expression.。
5。Echo:In this English dictation game.,Improve your oral and writing skills by spelling words correctly.。
6。 Goofy.:Build vocabulary by learning synonyms.。
7。Panda's Trail:Improve your English grammar skills with this well-crafted game.。
8。voyage at sea.:Play this fascinating game.,Challenge your reading speed and retention.。
9。Reader's Digest.:By focusing on speed.,Accuracy and comprehension to improve reading skills.。
10。It's safe to spell.:Learn to spell confusing words.。
11。Labyrinth word.:Challenge your vocabulary knowledge and quick thinking skills by playing this vocabulary game.。
12。Text contest.:Improve reading speed and accuracy.。

Improve listening and speaking skills with pronunciation audio.
Personalized and adaptive vocabulary revision tests.
- Fun word games and other language games (English dictation).,Phrase verb recognition.,English grammar revision, etc.),Learn and improve your English in an interesting way.
Effective English vocabulary generator and grammar application.
Interactive mini-courses.,Helps you better understand concepts related to English and math.
The vocabulary-based competitive tester's "one-day" concept.


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Introducing Level Up Courses – Along with all other ways of learning English, Knudge now enables you to improve your communication skills through video based courses as well.
Happy learning 🙂


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