Android Programming Hero Programming Hero v1.4.28 [Premium] Paid Premium Special Edition

Programming Hero makes programming fun,Build your own gaming world while learning programming.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Over here,Programming has become very interesting.??。
Build your own game while learning coding.
?Move quickly.:The concept of programming is applied immediately after learning.。
?Drag to the right.:Post your code and show off your work.。
b Practice anytime, anywhere.:Practice coding (Python.,Html,Css,JavaScript, etc.)。
?Instant help.:Answer your questions now.。
b Smart learning.:Jump into the advanced data structure.,Algorithm.,Oop.,database, etc.。

You'll know.
Solutions more than 100 coding problems, as well as solutions and explanations.。
?Database.: Sql,Database.,Sqlite.,relationship database, etc.。
? Web development.: Html,Css,HTML5,Javascript,Bootstrap, etc.。
?Algorithm.:Binary search.,Bubble sort.,Insert sort.,time complexity, etc.。
? Oop.:Object.,Class.,Inherited.,Packaging.,Polymorphism, etc.。
b Game development.:Game development basics pygame build games from scratch.。
?Data.:Stack.,Queue.,A list of links.,Dictionary.,Tree,Figures, etc.。

Learn coding in an interesting way.
We think coding should be fun.,Interactive and pleasant ⛹️⛷️.。We used fun teen conversations and game-like challenges to happily teach programming concepts.。
Our fun visuals and real-world examples will help you retain concepts more than 10 times.。
Code playground.
In our Web Development (HTML.,CSS and JavaScript) code playground.,You can use HTML.,Css,JavaScript (Vue.js) and Bootstrap build any project.。When you're done.,You will be able to publish your app using GitHub.,and share your live site with anyone.。

We also have a code playground to practice Python.,So you can continue to practice and keep improving.。 ?
Get a superpower.?
Surprise points.,Gift.?,Superpower badge.?,Coding games will make your learning very enjoyable.。Our mission is for teenagers.,Adult and child coding provides fun.。
Programming language.
Current.,We use python3 to explain programming concepts.。You can learn these concepts and apply them to each programming language.。If you want to learn C programming.,Or learn C. ++,Or learn python.,Or learn java.,This application will help you.。Soon.,We will support other programming languages.。
Fun quiz.?
Our test is very interesting.。Like a 3-second hamburger game.,45Seconds of ice cream game.,5Seconds of pizza game.。They are exciting.,and ensure that you can enhance your knowledge immediately.。
Website development.
We offer the best Web development courses for absolute beginners.。You can learn and practice Web development.:HTML in the application itself.,CSS and JavaScript.。 champion.?
Programming Hero is a learning application chosen to promote programming at the top of the organization。We are included in the code hour.。

2019November.,Programming Hero won the best technical code launch contest in Silicon Valley, California, USA.。

Other major features are.-
?Volunteer situ opportunities to gain real experience.
?Earn daily rewards for daily learning habits.
?Space shooting games explain basic programming.
The help of thousands of learners in the forum.
in write concepts in your own language and share them with others.
?Mark anything for future revision (bookmark)
?Interactive coding challenges and coding games.
?Ask for a personal mentor/coding partner.,and take your knowledge to the next level.
?Basketball game.,Explain the data structure.

?There's more.…

Enjoy this app.,Learn programming,Closer to your dreams.。


Update the log:

Stay Safe with Programming Hero. 1.4.28-
New Features:
+ Brand new JavaScript course.
+ New Bootstrap module.
+ Updated code playground.
+ Improved Forum.
+ Bug fix
+ And many more.


Version description:

1、Premium subscription unlocked

2、Only for login.

3、Language:English only.


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