Android Photo Grooming Scene v7.8.4 Paid Pro Special Edition

Scene is the next photo-sharing app on Android.。Now love green soft for everyone with the photo finishing Scene paid professional special edition has been updated to v7.8.4.。

THE SCENE INTERFACE IS REFRESHING.,Very intuitive.,You can also share it as you like.。Has won in 2014.、2015 One of the best Google apps in Japan of the year.。

Description of the app:

More than 350 Millions of users love Scene.:This is the best way to organize and share your photos.。
2014、2015 One of the best Google apps in Japan of the year.。

The scene features.

- Refreshing browsing.

– Arrange photos by date.

– Super fast.、Simple
– All photos.,At your fingertips.
– Calendar view and smart slider.,Easy to find past photos.

Intuitive finishing.
– Add a photo title.
– The number of albums is unlimited.

– Each album can be placed up to the maximum. 1,000 Photo.
– It's easy to organize your albums.

Share as you like.
– Share albums in private with friends and family.

– On Facebook.、Platforms such as Twitter share albums.

– Share with anyone.,Whether they have A Scene or not.、Use a computer or a cell phone.
– Invite friends and family to join the album.,Add their photos.

- Do it in your hands.

– Organize and view digital camera photos with Scene on your Android device.

– Use Scene Connect to import photos from your PC or SD card.,Support for PCs and Macs.

* Scene Connect requires registration for a Scene account.

SCENE is perfect for the following needs.

– You have a lot of photos.,And I can't find the photos You want to see.

– You're on vacation with friends or family and want to share photos.
– You want to organize your photos quickly and easily.

– You have some photos on your own hobby theme.,Want to share with the world.

– You took hundreds of photos at an event.,Want to share it with everyone who attends the event in a simple way.

– You want to share your photos in private.,But you're not entirely sure how to set up Your Facebook privacy settings.
– It's too much trouble to save a photo from a friend's email or chat history - Scene is your helper!

– You want to share a picture of your child with a family member.


Update the log:

– Performance improvements and bug fixes.


Version description:

1、Unlock paid Professional features.

2、Remove ads


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