Android Refrigerator Ice Box v3.13.0 G Build 1022 [Final] Professional Special Edition

Refrigerator Ice Box is an app on Android that automatically freezes other apps。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the refrigerator Ice Box Special Edition has been updated to v3.13.0 G build 1022 [Final]

Refrigerator Ice Box ,You can freeze uncommon apps with one click,It also effectively prevents them from running backstage,Save power and flow。

Description of the app:

If your device is already root,Can be installed directly
If you've set island App to God Mode,It can also be used directly
If there is no root,More complex configurations are required,Be sure to read the full instructions tutorial first

Root-free settings tutorial: http://www.

Refrigerator Ice Box
One-click freeze of uncommonapps
Effectively prevent them from running back,Save power and flow

Apps in frozen state are also hidden from the desktop。Click the icon in the fridge.,will unfreeze and run。The lock screen freezes automatically.。This effectively prevents them from stealing traffic in the background。

The app icon in the long-press list can be:
– Run the app.
– Freeze/Unfreeze Apps.
– Add a desktop shortcut.
– View app details in system settings.
– Open in Google Play.
– Uninstall the app.

Support for desktop shortcuts:
– Freeze All.
– Freeze All + Lock screen.
– Unfreeze and run the app directly.
– Double-click shortcut freeze.

Tasker plug-ins are also supported:
– Frozen / Unfreeze one or more apps of your selection.

Unsupported situations:
– Conflict with Sony's power-saving mode.
– Twitter、Apps that partially rely on the system account framework, such as Google Framework, may need to sign in again after they are unfrozen,It is not recommended to freeze them.

Why the refrigerator?

– Top picks

The refrigerator was once ifanr、Minority Software、The minority and many other independent media have reported and highly rated。Up to now,Refrigeratordownloads on Google Play are greater than all other domestic frozen software combined。

– Careful design

The refrigerator uses a pure Material Design design,Includes a variety of dynamics and gestures,For example, drag and drop multiple selections、Sheet Bottom Menu。Cited as an example,,The refrigerator got 2016 Nominated for Google Material Rewards China。

– Pure Android Experience

Refrigerator is a pure Android app,Whether it is 5.0 Vector animation of、6.0 permission system、7.0 Notification bar fast、7.1 Desktop Gestures,The fridges are right behind Google.,Updates as soon as they can be completed in a few hours。

Root-free use

0. Make sure your phone system version is at least 5.0,Know how to use the adb command on your computer,If you don't know how to do it, it's recommended to give up。
1. Go to your phone"set – Account,Delete all accounts,Include your Google Account。
2. Perform on your computer (mobile terminal simulator is not available) adb shell dpm' DPMReceiver
3. If you show Success ,So restart your phone.。You can use it later.。

Note:Only after the above is completed,Refrigerator to be able to use without Root。Root-free mechanism is using The Android System Administrator permission (Device Administrator permission),So you may see a "device monitored" prompt at your notification bar, etc.。

If you want to unload the refrigerator,Be sure to first go to the refrigerator settings and select "All Thaw",Then click Confirm Uninstall。


Update the log:

1. Support sort icons.
2. Support batch add shortcuts on Android 8+ (due to system restrictions, batch add is not guaranteed).


Version description:(balatan)

1、Unlock PRO Pro


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The original is coming.,Lifetime Edition.The original price is 25 yuan. All you need is.20Yuanstart.。

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