Android Password Manager 1Password vv7.5.1 [Pro] Paid Professional Special Edition

1Password is a great password management app on Android。1Password is the most elegant.、The simplest、The most secure password manager。You just add your password,Let 1Password complete other steps。 1Password selected by Android Central as the best password manager for Android platform。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

1Password: Most Elegant、The simplest、The most secure password manager。

Selected by Android Central as the Best Password Manager for Android Platform: "For those who want to make their phones、Tablets and computers choose the perfect password manager for people,1Password is a great choice。"

Secure password storage

1Password remembers all your passwords for you,and keep them in a safe place.,Protect them with a password that only you know.。
Create a strong and unique password for all your online accounts
Feel free to access your information on your mobile device and computer
Automatically fill in your username and password into the website and app
Unlock with just one touch - fingerprint unlock
Share passwords securely with your family or company

More organized
1Password doesn't just save passwords:It can also store your financial information、Personal documents,Or any information you need to keep secure and accessible in it。
You can use search to find and filter your information
You can create multiple repositories,Separating different areas of life
Can manage your information using favorites
There are dozens of categories of stored information:Login information、Credit card、Address、Notes、Account、Driver's license、Passports, etc.。

Stay safe
All the data you store in 1Password is protected with a master password,And the master password only you know。 1Password uses end-to-end encryption,So only decrypt your data locally。 Encryption keys never leave your device,So only you have access to your password。
Automatic locking of the app,Ensure your data is not compromised,Even if your device is lost or stolen
Use fingerprint to unlock quickly、Securely unlock the app

Share with your team and family
1Password for Android is fully supported for team and family accounts。 Colleagues who work with you、or a family living together.,Shared 1Password's security convenience,It's never been easier.
Add all your accounts - family、Team、Personal - and then see all your information in the same place
Share passwords with more teammates and family members
Easy migration of information between accounts

Favorite and use millions of people
1Password has been reported in major media.:New york times、Wall Street Journal、Fubis、The Verge、Ars Technica、Mashable、The Guardian。
Named the world's greatest by Business Insider 100 One of the apps
◆ NBC 今日秀推荐: 2017 年必备手机应用程序!


Update the log:

Share links to items with other members in your 1Password account. {960}
Add style to your secure notes and notes on items using Markdown formatting. {240}
Sort your items in the Categories tab and search results using the new sorting options. {848}
Better organize your data with the ability to delete vaults in your 1Password account from the vault switcher. {903}
Use commas or digits and symbols as additional separator options when generating a memorable password. {937}
Revisit the What’s New screen any time from Settings > About. {394}
Autofill your logins on websites in the Brave Beta browser using the 1Password accessibility service. {997}


Version description:



Instructions for the use of APKS files:

1、Download and install the latestSAI application(Split APK Installer);
2、Download this.apks archive app;
3、Install and open the SAI /select "Install APK" button/ Find and select downloaded .apks archive app;
4、Wait for installation to complete。


Download the address:


1Password Gift Card Purchase Service is available:1Password Password Manager $25/$50/$125 Gift Card Purchase



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  1. Miui11 International Installation Failed,No more feedback,How can I solve it?

    1. You try this version of 7.3.1.。

  2. It's really a dog.,Not on dog ding's official website.,It was written on the official website of the license.。

  3. Looking forward to keeping up

    1. There's a new version that's always updated.。

  4. Good,Thank you! Are bloggers available on other platforms? IN ADDITION TO MAC AND ANDROID,Windows?
    The licensed star looks like the dog has no agent.,Domestic websites can't find resources,Trouble recommended foreign where to find a more reliable version of 7.0?

    1. Just found it.,License Star - Copyright Suzhou Sijmakd software Co., Ltd.。
      Foreign countries seem to generally don't use this license star,I think this software is one of our unique products.。

  5. Because I don't know very well about apks.,So seek advice:I saw the 8.1M in the Google Store,Same as the biggest file that the blogger provides the downloaded zip unzipd out (unzipd out is 24.4M in total),Is the Google Store installed directly? Is apks repackaged for PJ?

    1. APKS This piece I don't know very well.。As i understand you, it's okay to understand that.。

    2. This app was made by the foreign god balatan。

  6. Modify the 7.2 suffix zip to apk,File size is 15.9M,More than half of the 35.2M at 7.1.4,Is Blogger 7.2 the full version?

    1. This installation package is in apks format.,Sai is required for installation,Please check the version instructions。

  7. 7.15Is there a crackversion?

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