1Password Password Manager $25/$50/$125 Gift Card Purchase

1Password is an established password management app,With it, you never have to remember the copied password again,And support cross-platform,Support for cloud-based synchronization,Features such as high security。

To solve some users do not have Paypal、Payment issues for Visa,Now Love Green Soft and APSGO team to launch 1Password gift card purchase service。Can make you easy and happy to use on the genuine 1password。


Use 1Password,You only need to remember a password。
All other passwords and important information are protected by the master password,The master password only you know。
Protect your secrets
Protecting your privacy is our top priority。Strategy、A combination of innovative thinking and respect for privacy,Keep your data safe at all。
Your login and private documents will be securely stored in your password vault。This will keep your information away from thieves、Hackers and other annoying situations。
At your fingertips
1Password records usernames and passwords when you sign in to apps and websites。Our automated form fill tool lets you sign in to your online account with just one click。
Use 1Password anytime, anywhere
1Password for all devices、Browseranding and operating system,Seamlessly sync your data between devices,So you can always carry your password with you。


This gift card is purchased on a friendly,in order to resolve some users without Paypal、Payment issues for Visa。
No official discount is available for this item。
Influenced by exchange rates and various coupons for soft-purchase stores,So the price of this item may be higher than the RMB (we want to help users buy on behalf of,But don't want to lose money)。


Official Download:

Chinese interface: Support for Chinese interface display,Multi-language options。

Update instructions: Use in a software subscription and update it for free。

Try it before you buy: 30Day Free Trial。

Running platform: All

How to receive a receipt: After purchase,The gift card code will be sent as a mail to the mailbox at the time of placing the order。

Number of devices: Software can install unlimited devices。

Change your computer: New computer login account activation。

Activate the boot: https://my.1password.com/home Sign in to your account,Right-hand click:"Bill" - Click on "S. Redeem Gift Card" to copy and paste the gift certificate code,Click on a subscription;

Working scenes: Business Office, Utilities, Cybersecurity

Special instructions: This card belongs to the soft purchase friendship purchase,and didn't get any official discounts.,So we may appropriately charge the associated fees at the original price.,Due to changes in exchange rates,So prices will fluctuate.,Please understand。


Gift Card Purchase Channel:


Love green soft exclusive 5 yuan discount code:alr5(Only the link above)


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