Password Management Tool 1Password for Windows v7.4.750 Green Special Edition

1Password for Windows is a password management tool on MacOS platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring password management tools 1Password for Windows Green Special Edition has been updated to v7.4.750

1Password is an established password management app,With it, you never have to remember the copied password again,And support cross-platform,Support for cloud-based synchronization,Features such as high security。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Do you often forget your password? 1Password can remember all your passwords and keep them safe。You just need to remember the master password.。Millions of users and fans。

Use 1PASSWORD to secure your data
Every day we have a new password to remember.。If you use a new password every time,It's easy to forget.。If you use the same old password every time,The safety factor is greatly reduced.。No more fretting about 1Password。
Use security checks to make passwords stronger
Create strong and unrepeatable passwords for different sites
256 Bit AES-certified encryption technology prevents data tampering
Use your master password to keep your data safe
Automatic locking keeps your data safe even if your Mac is stolen or lost

Increase productivity with 1PASSWORD
1Password can not only help you manage strong and non-repetitive passwords,Can help you improve your productivity。
Quick access to your data at any time with 1Password mini
Sign in automatically with your favorite browser
One-click auto-fill registration form and credit card information
Use the Go and Fill bookmark to open a web page and automatically populate the login information
And don't waste time for forgetting your password.

Not only can you keep your password secure?
Not only can you use 1Password to store website login information,More can turn it into your important information management tool。
Easily document website security questions and generate security answers
Store credit cards、Security notes、Passport information、Bank accounts and more
Securely store documents and pictures
Never leave important information at home again

All devices are in sync
1Password supports all your devices。So you can take important information with you。
Support for Dropbox,Provides cross-platform synchronization and sharing
Support for iCloud Sync,Secure and Apple-style simplicity
Sync all your PCs from your own secure network using custom folder sync

Share it securely with family or team members
You can use 1Password's multi-vault feature to organize your data and share it securely with others。Multi-vault feature allows users to control shared information and objects as they wish。
Create a family vault and share it with your spouse
Share work login information with colleagues
Exchange account information and documents with customers
Distribute encryption keys to your development team
Record store your estate plans
Use may be unlimited! Vault secure synchronization ensures everyone has the latest information。

More features
Target the most commonitems for my favorite
Localization in more than ten languages
Use folders and tags to organize your data
No subscription or other fees
Powerful search features and smart folders
Advanced user features help you increase productivity
World-class support team for free


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:(fruit core shelling)

Special activation

The software runs automatically after installation,Exit the software in the tray,Then replace the files of the crack directory to the software root,Generally this directory is in the:

C:\Users, your computer's name, AppData, Local, 1Password, app,

The language can be selected by clicking on the first menuChinese,


Download the address:


1Password Gift Card Purchase Service is available:1Password Password Manager $25/$50/$125 Gift Card Purchase


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