QQ browser QQbrowser v10.4.3458.400 Green Portable

QQ browser is a browser based on chromiun developed by QQ on windows platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring QQ browser QQbrowser green portable version has been updated tov10.4.3458.400

QQ browser is a domestic browser developed on the basis of chromiun,So QQ browser browsing speed and chrome is about the same,QQ browser also supports installation extensions and skins。

Description of the app:

New sidebar
Full screen skin
Web graphic collection
M63 high-speed core

There's a sidebar.,That's enough
Fusion Live、Information、Chasing drama、High-quality content services such as collections,New PC Experience,Make your computer a screen
Information、Chasing drama、Live

Full screen skin,Customize your browser
Next-generation browser design,Hundreds of beautiful wallpapers,With wool glass matte interface,A refreshing surprise for you.。

chromiun63 stronger performance,It's too fast to go beyond your imagination.
Instant start-up、Web page opens quickly、Strong kernel performance

Collection,Content notes
Can collect pictures with one click、Text、The body of the page after cleaning,Easy classification viewing and management。Saving in the cloud,Never lose。
Web Collections、Text Collection、Picture Collection

100,000 application plug-ins massive expansion
Powerful and useful gadgets built in,And tens of thousands of extended applications,Quickly build a powerful browser。


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:rjno1

1、The original program file was not modified,Ensure stability、Safety。
2、Cache folder changed to C:CacheQQBrowserCache
3、Not detected as the default browser at startup
4、Download save path as C:
5、Turn off qq browser information push
6、Do not turn on automatic updates
7、Go back to the background after you turn your browser off
8、Turn off default browser protection
9、Turn off active defenses
10、Browser data and installation are separated,Save under the dataportable-userdata folder。
11、Installation extensions are still supported。
12、Still support sit-in and sync bookmarks。
13、Compatible installation,Support and installation version switching


Download the address:

City pass:http://dl.2956588.xyz/dir/884953-32197828-e010de/


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