Android QQ v9.4.1 Go Ad Special Edition

QQ browser is a mobile browser on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android QQ browser to ads special edition has been updated tov9.4.1

QQ browser search smarter,Weather、Exchange rate、Stock Search Direct Contact Da。Built-in voice assistant,Close your eyes and know what's going on。QQ browser faster browsing experience、Lighter mobile browser,More secure browsing protection。

Description of the app:

Don't you know the car? Can't do your homework? Scan Smart Recognition,Take a look at it.。
If you're a Tencent Wang card user,Congratulations to you, watch the live video.,Feel free to brush out of the house!
Search for smarter,Weather、Exchange rate、Stock Search Direct Contact Da。Built-in voice assistant,Close your eyes and know what's going on。

Sweep and upgrade in English translation、Identifying the car、Identify red wine and flowers、Mastery of answering assignment synod。
New filter for new video play、Special effects such as music,No more adherence to the rules,Watch the video play out a new trick。
Doyou Circle Search still frets about the fight chart? QQ browser for you to solve,A gentle search,Millions of interesting pictures for you to choose from。
The Interest Community is here,Skincare,Travel Strategy,The King's Glory AthleticSe Is Here,Find an interest partner to open the black together,There is the king's glory exclusive gift package to send oh
Classic short video is still boring for waiting cars,Don't know what to do? Open QQ Browser,Take a look at the fun short video!
Comics New Interface: A new interface,Summer Comics Release Season,Massive genuine no ads,The new pan that the second yuan likes,Give you a new experience!
Tencent's massive resources cover the movies of the top 100 video sites、TV series;More than 5,000、200Ten thousand popular novels、Books。

People who have used QQ browser are saying
It's good to use.,There will be no caton phenomenon of other products! - Xugo 301
Simple,Fast,Convenient,Practical。Good! - Road robbers
The key is what the net can be on - not old ke
QQ browser is very good to use,The film is very rich.,There's a lot of good-looking movies.。It's recommended。 The interface can also be done a little more beautifully
I've been using this to read WeChat and novels.,Very useful browser,I'm very satisfi,I like it, too.,Installing the necessary artifacts anyway,No one -- when the Chinese fade

Other Highlights
An APP,Get all your needs!
Daily Headlines,Let your seconds change the message small psychic;
Fiction Bookshelf,You can be a cultural person even on the bus.;
Top Videos,Don't card not slow not fuzzy,Resources are not lacking;
Tencent Games,Brush grade on the road,Go home and hit Boss.;
Interesting discovery,Don't blame you for laughing low,Blame us for being funny.;
Talk about it,To find someone who's like your interests.。
It's more than searching.,I know more about your life.,Such a 6 posture is not everyone's!
What the?? There's still dissatisfaction.,Welcome to the program ape Oba and beautiful and lovely operation sister bar!


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Version description:

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