Mac Video Clips Final Cut Pro X 10.4.6 Chinese Special Edition

Final Cut Pro is an Apple-made video clip on the Mac platform。The Mac video clip Final Cut Pro X Chinese Now Love Green Soft has been updated tov10.4.6

Final Cut Pro X makes post-production easier,The future is even broader.。 Let the clip、Track、Graphic effects、Whole output,Coherent。


Description of the app:

Clip、Track、Graphic effects、Whole output,Coherent。
360Panoramic clips,Playback with a headset VR device。
Advanced color-tomy、HDR video support,and ProRes RAW.。
Built-in range of control options,Can be used to create、Edit and deliver closed captions。

From start to turn to the film,
All the tools you need。
Final Cut Pro's exciting new features and intuitive interface design,Further increase disefficiency in post-production。So,Editors can grab a fleeting sense of inspiration,Free-flowing to create a satisfactory masterpiece in your mind。

The finishing tool
Final Cut Pro's Material Refinishing Tool,Outstanding in the field of professional video editing systems。Metadata makes it easy to tag the entire video clip or range of clips for search,And create smart selections,Collect content automatically by a set of criteria that you customize。Browsing lets you efficiently browse hours of footage in a more intuitive way,Quickly identify what you're looking for。

Video clips
Magnetic Timeline lets you move and trim video clips freely,No conflict or synchronization issues,so you can try all kinds of story ideas at will.。Use the Composite Fragment feature,You can combine multiple independent video and audio clips into a single、Moveable project packages;You can create auditions,This allows you to try multiple lens options in the timeline;Video can also be automatically aligned with audio from a second source via sync clip。 Color coding makes it easier to distinguish between different types of content,You can also customize the appearance of your timeline when you clip。

Final Cut Pro lets you edit multi-channel audio with a variety of built-in tools,Eliminate background noise,and optimization levels。 You can adjust multi-channel audio files in the timeline,Or turn on the inspector for more information and options。 There are also dozens of included plug-ins for you to choose from,Allows you to compress audio、Operations such as EQ adjustment,Or send audio to professional audio software such as Logic Pro X for further mixing。

Motion graphics
You can create 2D or 3D subtitles directly in Final Cut Pro,Apply and modify filters,And use the built-in chroma keying feature for high-quality green and blue screen effects。 Leverage thousands of third-party tools and templates,Further enrich and extend built-in effects。More control to be done,You can also use Motion to create cool captions that can be called at any time within Final Cut Pro、Transition、Generators and Effects。

Thanks to the power of multi-core central processors and high-performance graphics processors,Video encoding is extremely fast。You can use the rich preset options to directly output for devices such as iPhones and iPads,Media such as DVDs and Blu-ray Discs,or files from different video sites。With bulk export capabilities,You can quickly output multiple files or projects in different formats。You can also use Compressor to create custom export settings,and display directly in Final Cut Pro。

Final Cut Pro is based on the powerful 64 Bit architecture design,Allows you to work on complex projects、Larger frame size、Higher frame rates and more effects。It also targets Macs equipped with high-performance central processors and graphics cards (Includes iMac Pro) Optimized。

Timecode window
You can view projects and source media timecodes anywhere。Open a floating window,You can display a color-coded list under the playhead,This includes the names of all fragments、Timecode and roles。You can also easily adjust the size and position of the window,Or move it to another display。

Video noise reduction
Powerful noise reduction tools reduce or eliminate granular and video noise,Improve the visual effects of archival footage and low-light images。With easy control options,You can quickly adjust the image intensity;Just drag the effect in the inspector,it's easy to change the order of processing.。

Multi-machine clip
Excellent multi-machine clip function,Lets you automatically sync different formats、Frame size and frame rate video,Up to 64 Angle。In the Angle Viewer,View at most simultaneous 16 Angle。Open the timeline of the angle editor,Removable、Synchronize or trim a single video clip,You can also add effects or tints to these video clips。


Update the log:

  • Detect and convert media files that may not be compatible with subsequent versions of macOS Mojave and convert them to a compatible format
  • Fixes an issue where exiting Final Cut Pro could cause the shared destination to disappear in the shared menu
  • Fixes an issue that could cause the workflow extension button to disappear when adjusting the interface size
  • Fixes an issue where the Select Clip command may not have correctly selected the clip below the playhead
  • Fixes an issue where sharing success notifications are still displayed after a sharing operation is canceled
  • Fixes an issue where frames stored in the frame browser in the comparison viewer may look different from that in the viewer
  • Fixes an issue with the audio inspector that may not display hum to eliminate frequency information
  • Fixes an issue where relinked media may appear as black thumbnails in browsers and timelines
  • Fixes an issue where shared menus may be obscured by the viewer when using Final Cut Pro in full-screen mode
  • Improved reliability when sharing videos to YouTube


Version description:

Chinese Special Edition


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