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IDM plus is a multithreaded download tool on android。IDM is the fastest on Android、State-of-the-art download manager、And IDM plus supports Torrent downloads。It's 500% faster than normal downloads。Love Green Soft


Description of the app:

IDM is the fastest,State-of-the-art download manager (supported via Torrent download) for Android。It's up to 500% faster than normal downloads。 It does not run background services,If there is no download and smart download option is disabled this increases battery life。

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IDM plus features:

So so:
No ads
Download the link using magnets on your device,Torrent files for torrent URLs or torrent files
The theme of darkness and light
Supported languages:China (Traditional),China,Czech,Spanish,Spanish (Latin America),French,German,Greek,Italian,Indonesian,Japanese,Korean,Hungarian,Portuguese,Portuguese (Brazil),I don't think about it.,Polish,Slovakia,Serbia,T?rke,العربية,Afrikaans
Directly download to SD card (should work on Android 4.4,And)
Support for HTTP live streaming sites
- Hide downloaded files from everyone
The smart download option downloads files when copying download links to clipboards
Optionto to save username password to automatically log in,Browse and password protect websites at the same time
Link to pause and resume functions with support
Pause all/start all/delete all options,Save time
Unlimited retry support for custom latency
The download has not stopped,If the application is closed
Wi-Fi only supports downloads
Smart error handling,so you don't lose any data.
Download the scheduler to schedule the download
Import download links from text files
Export download links
Import links in download clipboards
Open/share downloaded files
Extension notifications (mergers and individuals) with download progress
Supports notification of vibrations and sounds to downloaded completions
Support for all formats:Archive files,Music,Video,Document,Programs, etc.
Support for a wide range of web browsers,These include:Default Android browser,Chrome,Firefox, etc.
By name,Size,Date sorting files and type and time classification

Up to 5 simultaneous downloads
Multi-part download – Up to 32 concurrent parts per download
Support for agents (with or without authentication)
Speed limiter limits download speed (global and individual)
Refresh expired links (directly or use the built-in browser)
Download password-protected files
Calculating MD5 verification

Built-in web browser with multiple tabs,History and bookmark support
No trace browsing mode
- Automatically capture music/video links by downloading your favorite websites


Inside access clarification:

Internet access (Internet access) is a download file
Storage (modifying or deleting content on your USB storage device) is used to store downloaded data
Control of vibration:Create the necessary notification vibration effects
Wake lock into sleep mode,Stop the device during the simultaneous download process


Update the log:

Fixed: Audio/video merge issue for some m3u8 links
Fixed: File corruption issue from some servers
Fixed: Automatic keyboard closing issue while typing in browser address bar
Fixed: Close all tabs and exit browser issue
Fixed: Gmail login issue (will not work on desktop mode or desktop useragent)
Fixed: File naming issue when file name is passed by external app
Fixed: Text scaling issue in browser
Fixed: Menu display for captured links on smaller screens
Fixed: Folder dropdown issue in bookmark editing
Fixed: Login with external browser issue on some devices
Fixed: Download list layout in home screen on smaller screens
Fixed: Other bug fixes and performance improvements
Added: QR scanner in browser menu
Added: Home tab selection/rearrange option [IDM Advanced settings]
Added: Custom file extension and content type support for media/resource sniffer in browser [Browser Advanced settings]
Added: Hosts management option in browser menu
Added: Thread count option in grabber to optimize connections based on your device [Grabber screen menu]
Added: Separate audio and video stream/preview option for experimental links [Captured download links]
Added: New screen to set number of parts based on server domain [IDM home screen menu -> Other stuffs option]
Added: Option to disable auto scheduling flag for new links [IDM Advanced settings]
Added: Saved pages in backup/restore data
Added: Dark mode support in changelog/privacy policy
Added: Amharic and Hebrew translations
Improvement: Removed default bookmarks
Improvement: Media capture support for more websites
Improvement: Address bar in browser
Improvement: Optimized download list loading time
Improvement: Updated other translations


Version description:


2、Remove ads

Download the address:


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  • All resources on this site are available to provide a trial experience,You must be within 24 hours of downloading, Completely remove from your device。
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  • Exclusive lying local high-speed download or blue-play high-speed links only for our members。

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