Android Weather Prediction Weather 2 weeks v6.0.1 Paid Unlockedition

天气预测 Weather 2 weeks是安卓平台上一款天气应用现爱绿软为大家带来的天气预测 Weather 2 weeks 付费解锁版已经更新到v6.0.1


Application instructions:

At the same time,,“天气预测~天气预报”也是最全面的应用型软件!它能清晰简明地提供所有数据(温度、Humidity、Cloud cover、Precipitation、Visibility、Wind speed and wind direction、Pressure、当地时间日出和日落时刻……甚至于海拔高度!)另外您还可以获知
还犹豫什么呢?现在就来下载这款天气预报的应用软件吧它是安卓市场上最快速、The simplest、最全面的软件!完全免费的哟!


Update the log:

+ Satellite maps
+ Rain radar maps
+ 14 day forecast (2 weeks!)
+ Detailed hourly forecast for the next 24h
+ Click on any hourly forecast to show details at the top of the screen


Version description:(@Balatan)

3、Deactivate analysis


Download address:



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