Android Cloud Weather v5.0.15 Special Edition

Cloud Weather is a weather forecasting app on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android Color Cloud Weather Special Edition has been updated to v5.0.15

Colorful cloud weather has the most important quality of weather forecasting,Quasi -。Focus on short-term forecasts。Color cloud weather can accurately forecast precipitation、Accurate location at the street level、Off-site weather collection concerns、National Precipitation Radar Puzzle。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

No longer afraid of "blue sky, white clouds and clear sky suddenstorm"
Accurate precipitation forecast:A few minutes of rain,A few minutes of rain stopped。Travel arrangements have been known
Accurate location at the street level:End the forecast era of rain in the west of the east end of the sun,Every street、The neighborhood has an exclusive forecast.。
National Precipitation Radar Puzzle:Authoritative professional weather radar extrapolation,Sports Trends、The size of the rainfall is known at a glance。National Haze Dynamic Map:Is the haze growing or dissipating? Where did the wind blow the haze? The national haze changes at a glance。
Off-site weather collection concerns:Exclusive support for collecting multiple exact street addresses,People who care about you
Lightning Map:See where lightning strikes in real time。(Data source:Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Typhoon Path Map: View typhoon size、Position、Path and forecast information。
Report the weather:Unpredictable,The forecast is wrong and can also spit the slot! Hit the report of the weather,Helping AI improve the model,Together, we can improve the accuracy of China's sky forecast!


Update the log:

1. Full upgrade of UI interaction
2. New full-screen map mode and non-map mode
3. Hourly forecast curves support color block and icon modes
4. New weather card customization
5. Detail optimization
6. Fix known issues


Version description:(sicon s/hess)

Shelling stripping fly voice advertising SDK
Special VIP features,Unlock rain alerts,Default settings are turned on
No core special required,Direct installation is the membership version
Remove launch-screen ads and user wizard pages
I can't use the sharing feature,So simply get rid of it.


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Extract code:doxo




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