Android Cloud Weather v5.0.8 Cracked Edition

Cloud Weather is a weather forecasting app on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Android Color Cloud weather crack version has been updated to v5.0.8

Cloud weather has the most important quality of weather forecasting,Quasi -。Focus on short-term forecasts。Cloud weather can accurately predict precipitation、街道级精准定位异地天气收藏关注全国降水雷达拼图

Application instructions:

街道级精准定位:Ending the forecast era of rain on the west side of the east,每条街道小区都有专属预报
全国降水雷达拼图:Authoritative professional weather radar extrapolation,运动趋势雨量大小一眼即知全国雾霾动态图:Is the haze growing or dissipating? Where did the wind blow the haze? National smog changes at a glance。
Lightning map:查看闪电发生的实时位置(数据来源:Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
台风路径图: 查看台风大小、Position、路径及预报信息
报告天气风云不测,The forecast is wrong and can spit the groove! Punch the weather,帮助人工智能改进模型一起来提高中国天预报准确率!


Update the log:

1. UI交互全面升级
2. New full-screen map mode and non-map mode
3. 小时级预报曲线支持色块模式和图标模式
4. 新增天气卡片自定义
5. Detail optimization
6. 修复已知问题


Version description:(@希涵 @耗子)

脱壳剥离讯飞语音广告 SDK
破解VIP 功能解锁降雨提醒,The default setting is turned on
Remove launch screen ads and user wizard pages


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