WeatherWeather v5.1.3 Paid Special Edition

WeatherWeather is a foreign weather app APP,This application is clearly designed,Simple and intuitive。Now love green soft for everyone to bring weather payment special edition has been updated to v5.1.3 。Weather updates weather conditions in real time,Keep up with updates,Easy to operate。If you want to see the weather only a little,Show current local weather conditions in the status bar。And the data resources used by this application are very reliable.,Very little data updated in real time,Doesn't consume too much traffic。

Description of the app:

Weather keeps up-to-date with weather conditions,Easy to operate。

"Weather" design is clear,Simple and intuitive。Just a little.,Show current local weather conditions in the status bar,

Display of weather conditions,Gorgeous and sporty,So you can experience a lifelike weather interface

The application uses reliable data resources,Very little data updated in real time,Won't occupy your data cap。


– Weather support widgets,You can retrieve the latest weather conditions for your current location

– Weather is one of the least memory-intensive weather apps in its Android market。

– Dynamic weather conditions,Lets you experience vivid images of weather phenomena。

– Intuitive user interface

– Weather benefits all known screen resolutions

– Weather is compatible with a variety of systems,Support for Android devices 1.5 to the latest Android。

– Click on "Temperature",can convert temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit


Update the log:

* Fixed notification in sy into case
* In doze mode the notification video update with lower rate in order to preserve the battery


Version description:

1、Remove ads。

2、Unlock PRO advanced features

3、Deactivating analytics


Download the address:

City pass:

Baidu: Extract code: u18c

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