Android Live Weather Weather Live v6.22 build 180 Paid Unlock edition

Weather Live是安卓平台上一款天气应用现爱绿软为大家带来的安卓 实时天气 Weather Live 付费解锁版已经更新到v6.22 build 180

Weather Live可以方便快速地查看您周边及世界各地的天气你可以依靠准确的天气预报调整您的日程安排以适应未来的天气您甚至不必看看向窗外因为该应用会让您觉得自己恍如置身室外!

Application instructions:


Sometimes,天气是很难预测的。No matter where you are,With this accurate weather app,Just tap the icon,you can find any time of the day or in the future. 7 Detailed forecast for the day:
– Wind speed and wind direction
– Air pressure and precipitation information
– Weather radar and rainfall maps
and other useful weather data.,并附有动态动画和图形

You can easily switch detailed or compact layouts to get weather information you care about。
In addition,,您甚至不用打开应用就可以查看天气预报您可以将一个美观的小部件轻松集成到您的屏幕上,and you can choose a detailed full-size weather display or only show, 基本天气信息以保持主屏幕的整洁

Upgrade to Premium to use interactive weather maps throughout the subscription period。In addition,,成为高级版用户即可在您的设备上尊享无广告天气服务
You have different options to order:
* Unless you unsubscribe before the end of the free trial period,Otherwise your free trial subscription will be automatically updated to a paid subscription。
* You can cancel your free trial or order at any time with your Google Play Store account settings,and continue to enjoy premium content,Until the end of the free trial period or paid subscription period。

Please note that:基本(免费)版的一些增强功能受到限制(例如:Ultraviolet Index、Sun and Moon、visibility, etc.)。 These restrictions may also change。

No matter where you are in the world,清晰简单的实时天气应用都可在您设备的屏幕上向您显示您需要了解的有关天气的一切信息



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Performance ups you won't-canti notice but definitelyly-aming your experience with the app.


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