Android Apex Weather App Apex Weather v16.6.0.47700 Pro Special Edition

Apex Weather is a weather app on Android,Now Love Green Soft brings to everyone the Android Apex weather app Apex Weather Pro Special Edition has been updated tov16.6.0.47700

Apex Weather Forecast Desktop provides accurate and reliable weather information,You can also use it to find weather around the world,Meet your daily travel weather query needs。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

?5000Choice of more than one million users! This is a very popular weather widget!?
Weather forecast desktop provides accurate and reliable weather information (Hong Kong weather)&Macau Weather&Taiwan Weather),You can also use it to find weather around the world,Meet your daily travel weather query needs。

——— key features———
Real-time weather
Our weather sources are from professional weather stations.,With accurate weather data。Smart Auto-Positioning,Provide real-time, accurate weather based on location。Provide you with detailed weather information,Such as temperature、Chance of rain、Information such as wind speed,You can also switch weather units to your liking,Celsius and Fahrenheit。

Weather radar map
Some of our weather apps have weather radar capabilities。Satellite cloud image through weather radar,See dynamic weather conditions everywhere,Temperature、Wind speed、Rainy and snowy areas, etc.。

Daily weather notifications
Daytime Notifications,Remind you of daytime weather dressing;Evening notice,Remind you of the night weather。Other than that,Today's temperature、Tomorrow's weather, etc.,We'll all prompt you in the form of a weather notification.。Our weather instant forecast app,Is your best private observatory, the Bureau of Meteorology.。

Hourly weather
Weather information accurate to hour,24Hourly weather display,Temperature graph。

Weather forecast for the coming week
Weather information 7 days a week,Make your trip easier,Your life friend。

Weather Alert
Send you a weather alert before bad weather arrives,Like a storm.、Typhoon、Extreme hot and cold weather, etc.,Before bad weather arrives,,Especially the weather of typhoons common in Taiwan.,Make it easy to prepare you for bad weather。

Rich desktop widget gadgets
We have a wide range of desktop widgets,Gadgets for you to choose from,Multi-information style,3D Style,Transparent Clock Style,There's always something you like.。Add widget gadgets to your phone's desktop,Shows time and real-time weather,It's easier to see the weather。More sizes such as 5×2, 5×3Weather Clock Gadget,Update weather widget gadgets every week,Meet your options。

Hot News
In addition to weather information,,You can also see the latest and hottest news from our app,News covers all areas,Such as society,Sports,Entertainment, etc.。

More weather information
In addition to the weather forecast.,We can also provide the AQI Weather Quality Index,UV UV Index,Sunrise and sunset time,Months are equal,Give you more detailed information。

Global Weather
Our app supports adding multiple city weather information displays。

Sweet Tips
1. Click GadgetS After,Hold weather and drag to the desktop display
2. More 4×2 Weather Clock Gadget,You can see the weather forecast for the coming week.。According to the previous description,After clicking a gadget,Hold Weather 4x2 Drag to Desktop Display
3. Go to Settings,Free choice to show temperature at Fahrenheit or Celsius,You can also set units for other weather messages。Screen lock screen function is also here Oh。


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:(@balatan)

1、Optimised graphics and cleanup resources,For fast loading

2、Unlock all Lifetime Pro themed packages and widgets

3、Removed the startup animation

4、Disabled/removed unwanted permissions , receivers and services

5、Google Analytics / Crashlytics deactivated


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