Android Automation Tasker v5.8.3 [Final] Paid Special Edition

Tasker is an automated management program on android,Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android Automation task Tasker paid special edition has been updated tov5.8.3 [Final]

Tasker is one of the best automation tools on the Android platform,Tasker is system-enhanced software,Tasker has a wide range of system states to control,That makes Tasker the brightest star on Android。The essence of using Tasker is flexible scheduling (a combination of trigger conditions),Flexible task) and information organization (scenario),The perfect case,He can be a platform.,No specific functionality on its own。

Description of the app:

Comprehensive automation,From settings to SMS。ADC2 Award Winning Program!

* Trigger:Program、Time、Date、Position、Hardware/Software Status、Event、Shortcut、Gadgets、Timer
* Operation:More than 200 built-in operations
* Task:Cycle、Variable、Conditions

******Sort by category

[Actions are not available on all devices]

*Warning:Flashing,Notification LED /Sound/Vibration,Cancellation notification,Pop-up Timing/WithTaskIcons /Name,Torch,Vibrate,Vibration mode
* APP:Calendar insertion,Go home,Kill the app,Loading the application,Open the map (/ StreetView/Navigation)
*Audio:Alerts/calls/DTMF/media/notifications/ringing/system volume,Haptic feedback switching,Microphone Mute,Notification pulse,Notifications (<4.1/Ring vibration (<4.2Or root),Silent mode,Speaker,Sound switching
*Dialogue:28System settings dialog box
*Show:Automatic brightness,Close the system dialog box,Keyboard lock,Keyboard lock mode,Show brightness,Show close timeout,Show rotation,Set wallpapers,Keep the status bar open (expand/fold),System lock
*File:Browse files,Directory creation/delete/move,File copy/delete/move/open,Write to a file,Read the row,Read a paragraph,Compress/unzip files
*Input:Button,Dpad (root only),Type (root) only)),Input method selection,Soft keyboard (display)
*Media:Media button event (crawl),Media Player Control,Music files/catalogues,Play/Forward/Back/Stop,Photo/Series/Time Series,Record audio,Recording audio stop,Ring,Scan card
* MISC :(Broadcast) Action Intent,Component intent,Get location,GPS status (<2.3or Cyanogen. / submod),Run (ASE) Script,Said,On the file,Shut down,Search,Set up the clipboard,Restart (root only),Set CPU (root only) set time zone
*Internet:Flight mode (<4.1or root),Auto-sync,Bt,BT ID,Compose an e-mail message,Browse the URL,HTTP GET,HTTP POST,Mobile data (on/off),Mobile Data 2G / 3G (Cyanogen only),USB tether,WiFi switching,Wifi disconnect/reconnect/reconnect,Wifi Sleep,Wifi tether,Wimax Switch
*Phone:Call,Call logs,Call Blocking/Transfer/Restore,Write MMS/SMS,Contacts,End a call,Radio,Send a text message,Send a data text message,Silent Ringtones,
Answering the phone and the task:Change the icon set,If,End if,Go to action,Performing tasks,Profile switching,Query action,Set widget icon,Set widget labels,Stop it,Wait,Wait until
* VARIABLES:Set up,Clear,Company,12Month,Inquire,Randomization,Split,Join,List
* 3RD PARTY:Android Notifier,Astrid,BeyondPod,JuiceDefender Data / Toggle,Gentle Alarm,NewsRob,OfficeTalk,SleepBot,SMS Backup +,Tesla LED,Widget Locker

****** States ******

Aircraft mode,BT Connection,Calendar entries,Docked,Headphones plugged in,Call,Keyboard output,Light level,Media button,Missed calls,Mobile networks,Device direction,Power,Various sensors,Signal strength,Unread text,Variable values,Wifi network,Wifi Near

** ****Events

Alarm/Finish,Date settings,Time/Date Settings,Time zone settings,Show:Close/Open/Unlock,File close/delete/modify/move/open/property changes,Camera/search button long press,Card installation/delete/uninstalled,Gesture,Missed calls,Phone changes,Receive text,SMS send success/failure,Battery replacement/full/low/overheating,Device start-up,The device is turned off,Low storage,Locale has changed,New/Removed/Updated Package,Changed wallpaper,Button gadget click,New window,Notice,Notification click,Zoom click,Variable clear/set,K9 email reception,Mild alert,Kaloer Clock,OpenWatch,Reddit notifications,Screebl,Widget Locker

Attention:Tasker uses BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permissions to provide system locking。


Update the log:

– Added ableto for the States to be much more easily implemented making life easier for the developer
– Added option to select SIM card in call action
– Fixed Bluetooth Near contents fully blocking the tasker monitor in some syds
– Fixed running Javascripts where local variables have sr characters in them
– When outputting local s truss from actions, if a value of that variable is empty, Clear the adalvalue


Version description:(@balatan)

1、Direct installation is ready for use

2、This app has no ads


Installation instructions:

1.InstallationLucky Patcherand open it.,Wait for the app to load and close it;
2.Download and unzip the archive zip file;
3.Copy the .txt file (in the compressed package):
Here is /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/ru.sxbuIDfx.pFSOyagrF/files/LuckyPatcher/.txt file;
4.Install Tasker.apk …Don't start it!…Press to finish when the installation is complete!
5.Open itLucky Patcherand wait for the application to load and exit again;
6.Open Lucky Patcher and touch and hold the Tasker app…Don't start it!
7.Select Open Menu;
8.Select a custom patch;
9.Now select the Apply button;
Wait a minute.,You will get a successful green message!
Start the application now and use it。
Enjoy it!


Download the address:



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