Android Lucky Specialer Lucky Patcher v8.5.4 Latest and Fix Chinese

Lucky Patch Is a Universal Go Ad Special,The latest and corrected versionChinese of Lucky Patcher, the Latest and Fixed Edition, which loves Green Soft for everyone, has been updated to v8.5.4

Lucky Patcher aka Lucky Patch、Lucky Specials, etc.,Lucky Patcher is a work from the special god @Chelpu.,It's a universal de-advertising special.,You can go to advertising.、Special software or games,But there's no guarantee of success.,So call it a lucky special.,Also called Lucky Patch!

Description of the app:

Lucky Patcher, lucky specialiser, is from the special god ChelpuS,Need root permissions can be special software or games,You can also advertise.,Like Tank Riders., Reckless Racing HD? Ground Effect HD, Spirit, Aftermatch, etc.,But there's no guarantee it's going to be special.,So it's called a lucky special.,Just press and press the pop-up menu after selecting the app。

Lucky Patcher is an Android app,is one of the most popular root apps。The app can patch many apps and games,It blocks ads in the app,It can remove unwanted system applications,It removes unwanted application permissions,It backs up installed applications to your SD card。

With Lucky Patcher,You can control the apps that are installed on your device。To take this control over these applications,You need a rooted Android to get all the features of the app。Although the application can perform many tasks without any root access Lucky Patcher completely free download,However, we strongly recommend that you download only from verified websites,Because many sites share fake sites。

The new version adds an android 6 plus permission request;
Try to repair the installation from an external storage;
Translation updated。


Update the log:

Bugs fixed;


Version description:

@osfree - God of the Universe

Thin language、Corrections to the Chinese,The default "Disable automatic updates"

Lucky Door Keyer


Advice for Android mobile phone users:
1、Get root permission;
2、Remove phone signature verification。

Ways to remove phone signature verification:
Run Lucky Patcher,Find in turn:Toolbox - Android Core Special - Front 3 Items should be special (total 4 item)
That is,: Signature verification is always true、Disable Zip Signature Verification、Disable package manager signature verification


Download the address:


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