Mac Office Software WPS Office for Mac 2019 v1.1.0(1454)

WPS Office for mac is an office software on macOS platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Mac office software WPS Office for mac 2019 Updated tov1.1.0(1454)

WPS Office for mac enables the most commonly used text for office software、Form、A variety of functions, including demos。Has fast running speed、Low memory footprint、Small and powerful plug-in platform support、Free access to massive online storage space and document templates。

Description of the app:

WPS Office is an office software suite developed by Jinshan Software Co., Ltd.,The most commonly used text for office software can be achieved、Form、A variety of functions, including demos。Low memory footprint、Fast running speed、Small size、Powerful plug-in platform support、Free access to massive online storage space and document templates。

Support for reading and exporting PDF files、Fully compatible with Microsoft Office97-2010 format (doc/docx/xls/xlsx/ppt/pptx, etc.)。Overwrite Windows、Linux、Android、iOS and other platforms。WPS Office supports desktop and mobile work。And WPS Mobile via Google Play platform,More than 50 countries and regions covered,WPS for Android leads Microsoft and other competitors in app leaderboard,First in its kind。

So,Many Mac users have been expecting WPS to be used on Macs,After all, the size and compatibility of office is still hard for some people to accept.。

After waiting for many years,,Finally ushered in WPS macOS version。This version is an internal test version,From the network,No need for special,Direct installation is enough,It is recommended to use with caution,Waiting for the public beta or the official version to arrive before using it as the main office software。


Update the log:

1.1.0(1454) 2019.05.16
The official version is here!

The official version of WPS Office has been removed from the software expiration date,Come and update, at the same time.,We've added the following features and optimizations,Hope to provide more help for your study work。

Added LaTex online formula editor and formula template
Preferences new cloud document backup switch "text"
Support comments reply to "Form"
Support for advanced filtering
Support for copy-and-paste visible cells
Smart Fill Shortcuts:Command-E or Control-E
Merge cell shortcuts:Control s.M.
Optimized pane freeze
Fix the problem of table border inconsistencies

Online templates

Support for document authorization,Fix an issue where local documents are inaccessible
Bug Fix


Version description:

Direct installation is ready for use


Download the address:


Genuine specials.:(A small partner with the ability can support a wave)


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