Mac Desktop finishing iCollections v5.0.1 Special edition

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iCollections是MacOS平台上一款桌面整理软件现爱绿软为大家带来Mac桌面整理 iCollections特别版已经更新到 v5.0.1

Icollections can organize desktop icons on your Mac,Organize your Mac desktop icons,Allows you to create zones on your desktop,So you can sort and arrange icons。can help you keep related items together,Easy to find。


Application Instructions:

Icollections is a professionally designed application,Organizations that can help you keep your Mac desktop。The unique features of the app make it the most popular form of desktop organization for Mac users。
Icollections allows you to create zones on your desktop,So you can sort and arrange icons。This helps to keep related projects together,So that your files (pictures,Document,Screenshot,Apps, etc.) easy to find。
With just a few clicks,Icons on the desktop,Files and folders are grouped according to your preferences。So,The days of phasing out desktops for specific applications are over。You can start by creating a new collection by accessing the Icollections main menu from the System toolbar。

Key Features
Easily create collections to organize projects on the desktop
Icollections and Desktop Integration
Support for retinal display
Change the size and style of items in a collection
Create a disk panel to display disk drives
Create a folder view to access the selected folder on the desktop
Change the style of a collection,Fonts and Colors
Create a photo box to place your favorite images on your desktop
Add tags to group files into a collection
Sort items in a collection
Slides to watch photos on the desktop

Web View – Mobile browsers on the desktop
You need to open your browser to view the instant chat content you just entered,Or use icollections to make it easier to remove new videos from your favorite artists。Because it can help you see and keep an eye on your most active sites,Without having to open a Web browser from scratch。
Display your favorite sites on the desktop – Facebook,Youtube,Twitter,Messenger,News or any other website of your choice。
While working on a Mac,Open a chat or forum conversation and go online。Websites can be displayed in the mobile version in exactly the same way on the phone。

Accessing a collection of items
Once your project is in the collection,You can perform the same actions as items on the desktop。Open (double-click),Rename (click Label),Delete (CMD + Backspace),View (SPACEBAR),Copy and Move (drag and drop),Locate in the Finder window (context menu), and so on。
To manage Favorites,Please use the favorite menu。This allows you to create tabs,Change the sort order and access the appearance settings。
Use this menu to quickly import desktop items grouped by type。Turn on the Auto Zoom feature to automatically shrink favorites when not in use。

Create a Collection
Easily create collections with just a few clicks。These shaded windows on the desktop are used to organize icons based on your preferences,Files and folders。No matter how you want to label it,,Resize,Highlight or move them,Can all。Icollections and MacOS Integration,Start at system startup。

Photo Frame
Select a photo frame from the main menu to create a photo frame on the desktop。The photo frame displays your picture set as a slide show,For example。There are new pictures every day.。Just select your photo folder or Photo © app album,And relive your best moments.。
Define slides with settings:Select the frame design and the details to display。
You can also create a static picture – Just select a picture instead of a folder。Fast and convenient!

Design your Favorites
Each collection can be customized with an easy-to-identify style in the appearance settings。

Quickly change the look of your collection to suit your needs。


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