Mac Desktop Finishing iCollections v5.0.1 Special Edition

iCollections is a desktop grooming software on MacOS platforms。Love Green Soft brings Mac desktop finishing iCollections special edition has been updated to v5.0.1

iCollections can organize desktop icons on your Mac,组织您的Mac桌面图标可让您在桌面上创建区域以便您排序和排列图标可以帮你将相关项目保存在一起便于查找


Application instructions:

iCollections是一个专业设计的应用程序,Organizations that can help you stay on your Mac desktop。The unique features of the app make it the most popular desktop organization for Mac users。
iCollections可让您在桌面上创建区域以便您排序和排列图标这有助于将相关项目保存在一起以便您的文件(图片,Document,屏幕截图,Applications, etc.) easy to find。
Just a few clicks,桌面上的图标,Files and folders are grouped according to your preferences。So,为特定应用程序淘汰桌面的日子已经结束。Start by accessing the main menu of iCollections from the system toolbar。

Key features
Create a disk panel to display the disk drive
Create a photo frame to place your favorite images on your desktop
Add labels to group files into a collection
Sort items in a collection

You need to open your browser to see the live chat you just entered,或者使用iCollections更容易从您喜爱的艺术家中删除的新视频因为它可以帮助您查看并持续关注您最活跃的网站,Without opening a web browser from scratch。
在桌面上显示您最喜爱的网站 – Facebook,Youtube,Twitter,Messenger,News or any other website of your choice。
在Mac上工作期间,Open a chat or forum conversation and go live。Websites can be displayed in mobile versions in exactly the same way on your phone。

一旦您的项目在收藏中您可以执行与桌面上的项目相同的操作打开(双击),Rename (click label),删除(Cmd + Backspace)查看(空格键)复制和移动(拖放),Position in Finder window (context menu) and more。
要管理收藏,Please use favorite menus。这使您可以创建选项卡,Change the sort order and access skin settings。

Create collections in just a few clicks。These shadow windows on the desktop are used to organize icons based on your preferences,Files and folders。无论你想如何标注重新调整大小突出显示或移动它们都可以iCollections与macOS集成,Start when the system starts。

从主菜单中选择相框以在桌面上创建相框。The photo frame will display your picture set as a slide show,For example。每天都有新的图片。Just select your photo folder or photo© app album,并重温你最美好的时刻
Define slides with settings:选择框架设计和要显示的细节

Each collection can be customized with easy-to-recognize styles in the skin settings。

Quickly change the look of your collection to meet your needs。


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