Uninstall tool Wise Program Uninstaller v2.3.3 Build 134 Green Portable Edition

Wise Program Uninstaller is an uninstall tool on the windows platform。Wise Program Uninstaller Green Portable, the uninstall tool that Love Green Soft brings to everyone, has been updated v2.3.3 Build。 134 。

Wise Program Uninstaller can help you uninstall all the installed software in windows,Wise Program Uninstaller is much more powerful than the "add or remove program" that come with the system,The Wise Program Uninstaller is therefore ideal for dealing with software that has residue or cannot be uninstalled after uninstalling。

Description of the app:

Smart program uninstaller
Free software/program uninstall program
No installation required。You can use this small and clean tool to remove software from your PC。

Ensure clean and thorough software uninstall
Wise Program Uninstaller is the perfect solution for uninstalling Windows software,Allows you to use its simple and user-friendly interface quickly,Uninstall the program completely。After uninstalling,The built-in scan engine scans and deletes all files associated with the left,folders and registry keys,Make sure that the software has been completely removed from your computer。

Force uninstall and remove any stubborn software
For some stubborn software or software with corrupted uninstall programs,They cannot be unloaded in the usual way。Wise Program's Force Uninstall option is useful。It scans all files and registries related to the software in your system,and remove them completely,It's like you've never installed the software。

Find the software you want to uninstall quickly
Wise Program Uninstaller has an intuitive and modern interface,It also allows you to depend on the name,Size,Date and review to organize the application,to quickly find the software you want to uninstall。Or you can enter a name to find the software immediately。

Context menu options make software uninstall more efficient
You can add the Uninstall with Wise Program Uninstaller option to the context menu in settings,You can then uninstall the software by right-clicking its icon,You don't need to open Wise Program Uninstaller。

Completely free and fully compatible with almost all versions of Windows
Wise Program Uninstaller is free software,Allows you to completely uninstall programs installed on the system (64-bit and 32-bit)。It has been developed and fully tested,Can run well on Windows XP and Windows XP and other Windows operating systems。Whatever you have – Desktop or laptop。


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Version description:

Green Portable Edition


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