Wondershare Filmora v9.5.1.5 Chinese Special Edition/ MacOS v9.4.5.10

Filmora software,It's still very well known abroad.,And Filmora has a professional editorial track.,With real-time capture of screen content、Narrator、100Double speed、Features such as video rotation,Enough to meet the ease of use of junior editors。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Filmora gives you the imagination.
Video editor for all creators。

Filter,Superposition,Transitions and custom titles
Create unlimited
Discover the infinite ways to express yourself。
Exquisite look with endless effects。

Sound tools
Never miss a beat
Working with keyframes,Tools such as background noise cancellation and audio equalizer to perfect your sound。

Beyond the Foundation
Create a new world of composition with layered clips and green screen effects。

Full 4K support
Details matter.
Filmora9 Make Sure
Every frame of creation is as clear as reality.。

Multiple video imports
Get anything ready.
Easily create complex stories with up to 100 layers of media。

Get more done
Fast processing,Agent files and adjustable preview quality help you be more productive。

Fine-tune your adventures
Fix common action cam problems,such as fisheye and camera shake,And add effects such as slow motion and reversal。

Perfect your aesthetic
Change the beauty of a video with a single click。Filmora9 with creative filters and professional 3D LUT。

Share your story
Customize your content to any platform and upload it directly from Filmora9。


Update the log:

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Version description:

Method 1:
1. Install Wondershare Filmora main program (note select Chinese Traditional install)
2. Add the following Hosts rules to prevent program network detection cbs.wondershare.com www.cbs.wondershare.com platform.wondershare.com www.wondershare.com
3、In the help >> Where to enter the following registration information for product activation (preferably off-grid activation)
Register your mailbox:Any
Serial number:46E41D2824D6BA1376E2B181425DC0B
Serial number:CAE5F81A3EE8801076E23D0E48FFF524
Serial number:A5D7F122CBC5CA0213D320288D64CC19
Serial number:8F98010DD2643A1AE90BB13EA334C06
Serial number:8CC90E29FEBAF10EC38941605C70D05
Serial number:B5AD4F08E0D5C31 EBDAD4311C5E04F2A
Serial number:5B77BF28CD08801092C1670BA687920D
4. Turn on the internet and enjoy the clip fun of the Magic Scissors
Attention:It is recommended to disconnect the network or add the software to the firewall (firewall entry and exit rules) that is part of the system to block the network authentication.,Otherwise there may always be a "wondershare filmora has has ei san registered" pop-up。

Method two:
1、Install Wondershare Filmora main program (note select Chinese Traditional install);
2、Copying a special patch in the Crack folder to the software installation directory is particularly successful;
3、Special Patch Authorization with PYG Hijacking,No need to block the net,No registration machine serial number required;


– Integrated registration code activation license information,Auto-blocking networking,Start-up is activated!
– Convert the Chinese Traditional of the official multilingual installation package to Chinese Simplified,That is, the so-called Hanhua;
– Wondershare Helper Compact Background Dependency,The component has been removed;
– The products of Xing- will install this thing.,Add a system service item,Power on to start the resident process;
– Delete unnecessary files:Multi-Chinese-word documents,Auto-upgrade program、Error reporting procedures, etc.;
– Cancel the first start message window、No upgrade,Go online to detect the upgrade interface;
– Support for associated project file types、Support for effects resource pack detection and identification installation;


Filmora9 only for Windows 7 x64,Windows 10 x64


Download the address:



Genuine specials.:(A small partner with the ability can support a wave)




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