Mac Image View EdgeView v2.641 Special Edition

EdgeView is an image viewing tool on macOs。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Mac image view EdgeView Special Edition submission update to v2.641 。

EdgeView is a very advanced image viewing tool,EdgeView lets you open a variety of image files,It also opens an archive like ZIP.,Instead of extracting。

Description of the app:

EdgeView for mac is an image browser software on Mac,You can open a variety of image files with EdgeView 2,You can also open an archive like ZIP,instead of extracting。EdgeView 2 loads fast,High-quality image rendering,Convenient navigation lets you browse images as you like。

Support for image files,E.g. JPG、Gif、Bmp、Psd、Tiff、RAW(DNG)and PDF
Insert a shadow into an extension page,Automatic horizontal correction,Fuzzy,Sharpen.,No sharpening mask,Gray,Coloring, etc.。
Support for major archive formats,Such as ZIP、RAR、CBZ、Cbr、7-Zip、ALZ, etc.。
Two-page stretch,Right-to-left reading,Wait a minute。
Encrypted archive files can be extracted
Move a page with a sliding gesture,Zoom gestures
Archive files can be read in archive files。
Pause/Play,Move to the previous/next frame,and you can change the frame rate of the animation interface.
Quickly load read-ahead cache
Support slides,You can adjust the transparency of each window
High-quality image rendering
Freely scale images
Provide the right functionality for comic reading
Effects can be applied in real time
Built-in loupe function makes it easier to see small characters
Support for GIF animation and animation PNG
Powerful navigation
Can be rotated,Flip level,Flip a vertical image
You can move progress bars and thumbnail bars when you check thumbnails
Trackpad gestures supported


Update the log:

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Version description:

Direct installation is ready for use


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