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超级单词王是安卓平台上一款学习英语的英语。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the super word king pay professional straight version has been updated to V4.5.1 。Super Word King Easy learning English word essential app! Let learning combine games,Remembering words is no longer boring!

Application instructions:

Super Word King- Easy to learn English word essential APP!

Learning to combine games,Remembering words is no longer boring!
"Leaderboard" competes with top players everywhere,Learn more motivation!
Self-built thesaurus can enter words and explain and play!
Fun cat assistant with you to break through the word!
"Tag thesaurus" can be added to the unfamiliar game words for easy review!
"Theme Word Challenge"、"Extreme Challenges" test your English skills!
More than 8000 words of real pronunciation,Learn the standard pronunciation!
"Questions and Answers"、Scrabble、Listening Multi-Play Design,Double your training memory!

Include the contents of the word:
- 4-6 regular test words
TOEFL TOEFL Regular Test Words
Toye TOEIC regular test words
Common Phrases
100 subject category words

Super Word King – Essential APP for learning English to remember words!


Update the log:

(1) New "Daily Mission" mode。
(2) New "This Page Challenge" play。
(3) New question rule "2nd Extreme Challenge" competition begins!
(4) Word interpretation and pronunciation correction。
(5) Multi-functional interface optimization。


Version description:(The wind beats the snow around the willow)

1.All types of words in Pro mode are free of charge,Remove the word book word restriction
2.Open the software to get millions of gold coins,Used to buy a wordbook
3.Add a personal identity,Click on the personal logo to go to my love


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