Android Metering Software Photo Friend v4.01 Paid Pro

Photo Friend is a metering application on the Android platform.。Photo Friend Paid Pro, the photo software that loves Green soft for everyone, has been updated to v4.01. 。

Photo Friend is an exposure calculator app for photos.,Photo Friend provides photographers with exposure information.。Photo Friend works by using a mobile phone camera or light sensor.。

Description of the app:

Photo Friends is a no-cheap exposure calculator app.,Filmmaking for photographers and the way they know them.。The app can also work by using a mobile phone camera or light sensor.,is shallow meters.。The calculator can estimate the depth of the field.。


*Incident light meters.。If your phone has a light sensor.,shown in lux light.,And the estimated EV.。Tap the viewfinder area to transport the EV to the appropriate calculator meter.。

*Simple and intuitive exposure calculator.。No typing.,No configuration! Just put each gauding to the desired value.。Another meter moves for good exposure.。

*Easy-to-use depth domain calculator.。Just dial the aperture.,The distance focal length from the reseed.。Degrees of freedom are represented as numbers and graphs.。Distance units and degrees of freedom parameters can be adjusted in settings.。

*Reflected meters of light.。If your phone has a camera.,You grant access.,The viewfinder is displayed on the home screen.。Point to theme and touch the viewfinder to take a picture.。The electric car will be estimated based on the picture.。

Photo Friends is a free app with free in-app purchases for ad mode.。


Update the log:

Added ND filter dial.. This dial can be disabled in Settings..


Version description:(@zameel)

1、Unlock the paid feature


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