Android Typhoon Prediction Map v7.8.5 Paid Pro

WIND IS A TYPHOON MAP ON ANDROID、Wind and weather forecasters。WIND IS A FAVOURITE APP FOR TYPHOON ENTHUSIASTS,Provide accurate,Clear global wind forecasts。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

Global accurate wind forecast!
WIND - a handy app for wind enthusiasts,Provide accurate,Clear global wind forecasts。It's a skateboarder.,Windsurfers,Yacht runners,Jumped,Paragliding,Cyclists and fishermen must have the app
– Predict global wind power in the next 10 days and 3 hours (e.g. Windguru GFS27)
– Easy to search with points in maps and location or place names
– Real-time wind data from more than 8000 weather stations around the world
– Create new spots
– Interactive map wind – You can see the wind blowing on the map
– 30,000 points in the database
– Chat site
– Add point to my favorite

– Created by Wind Enthusiast:
-Beautiful and simple interface!

– Higher resolution and predictive accuracy (WRF,NAM)
– Tide,Waves,Clouds
– Wind
– Notice good conditions on your favorite attractions


Update the log:

Weather fronts
First time ever in mobile apps. Weather fronts data from US and German Met Offices in your Be aware of forthcoming storms in time.
Check it out on the map: press the fronts button.


Version description:

1、Unlock PRO Pro features


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