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Mainly included In Android TV、Android Box、Live apps for Android phones。


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Version description:(Red section is latest update)

#Box/TV Version Of The Tv App:

Rice Live.
Live TV- 3.4.1 (Package Name:com.cloudmedia.videoplayer
Easy Live-4
Perfect Video Grand TV Edition s1.5.6.11-Mod
Feng Color Live.
Leaf TV-v1.1.0-vip-Mod

TVR 3.2.8 Go to Advertising
Xiaochun HD TV 1.0.3
Photochaser TV Direct Point Landing
Mushroom film v1.3 straight crack version,Cast-on-screen
Live TV- 3.3.5 (Package Name:Com.
Perfect Live: 1.65.00
Cloud Audio-visual Aurora (Tencent Video TV Edition) -
Spark Live Box Edition s1.9.9.7
CIBN HD VIDEO s. crack version
Perfect Video Grand TV Edition s1.5.6.11
Spark Live Box Edition s1.9.9.6
Whale TV-1.0.8-Mod
Lightning Ultra Clear Live HD1.2.8
TedGe Video v4.2.0 Dead-Free Unlocked Edition
Whale TV-1.0.7-Mod
Spark Live Box Edition s1.9.9.5
Coolm TV.
Extreme Speed Ultra-Clear TV-1.0.1
Feng Color Live.
BesTV Youtube Cat 1.0.1
Coke TV- 1.0.20
CIBN HD VIDEO (Official Edition)
Cloud Audio-visual Aurora (Tencent Video TV Edition) -
Tiger Tooth TV Edition 3.9.2
CIBN Cool Films (Youku TV Edition) -
Spark Live Box Edition s1.9.9.4
Feng Color Live.
Perfect Video Grand FULL TV Edition s1.5.5
Xiao Wei Live.
Spark Live Box Edition s1.9.9.2
CIBN Micro-Audio (VST Full Aggregation) - 4.5.3
White Whale TV v1.5.2 Mouse Modification ★ Final Edition (login-free)、Free film and television、to update)
Daily Live.
China Number TV-
Coke TV. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Tiger Tooth TV Edition 3.8.1
Little Fish Live.
White Whale TV (original Mahua Film) 1.5.2
T-Tbey Film Fast Search 2.3.1
Super Universal Live.
Fish TV2.4.1
Cloud Audio-visual Aurora (Tencent Video TV)
Spark Live Box Edition:
Super Live: 4.7.78 (Pack
Mahua Film TV Edition s1.5.0
Love Live.
BesTV Mitva (Migou Video TV Version) -
Orange TV-4.7.77 (original bean TV)
Tsingbe Film Fast Search
Live TV- 3.3.1 (Package Name:com.cloudmedia.videoplayer
Tiger Tooth TV Edition 3.7.8
Pine Fruit TV1.5.1
Squirrel Live.
Migo Live.:com.aesq.cztv)
Daily Live.
Webcasts: 3.7.77
Little Fish Live.
Maverick Live.
Spark Live.:com.aesq.zb)
Easy Live.
Orange Live v2.3
Niu Niu TV 2.3.7- Modification of the second edition
Lightning Super Clear Live s1.2.5 Go ad to upgrade
Front Color Live.
Spark Live Box Edition s1.9.8.9
Pine C. TV1.4.6
Super-Clear TV Live.v1.0.0
Mahua Film TV Edition 1.3.2
Maple Honey Live.
Love Live.
Super Clear Live.
Spark Live.:com.aesq.zb)
Perfect Live: 1.43.00
Bee Videos: 3.08.1
Live TV- 3.2.8
Squirrel Live.
Enjoy TV s4.6.74
Daily Live.
Perfect Video Grand TV Edition s1.5.2.2
Pony Live sv1.0.2
Little Fish Live.
Orange TV-4.7.74 (original bean TV)
Mars Live.
Cloud Audio-visual Aurora (Tencent Video TV) -
Windand Live.
CIBN Cool Films (Youku TV Edition) -
Tiger Tooth TV Edition 3.6.3
Ultra-Clear TV (original Star TV) - 2.7.0
Cloud Audio-visual TV (Beep Mile TV) 1.1.5
China Number TV-
T-Tbey Film Fast Search s2.2.9
Pumpkin Movie s3.1.2.3
CIBN Poly Sports 3.6.2
CIBN Micro-Audio (VST Full Aggregation) - 4.5.2
CIBN Gathering (PPTV Gathering) - 5.2.0
CIBN HD VIDEO (official version)
Webcasts: 3.7.72
TV Cloud s1.6.51
Fan Academy TV Edition s1.0.0
Fish-fighting TV-2.3.1
TV Small Videos s1.0.3 2.4.2
Flying Fish Live.
Super-Clear Live TV Edition s1.0.0
Orange Live. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Orange Live 2.0 (with HDP frame)
Eagle Live.
Renren Film s1.1.6
Extreme Live Live.
IPTV TV Core 3.3
Cool Cloud Live BlueLive1.2.8
Super Live s 1.4.5 (Find 2D code press 5 times OK has surprise oh)
YY TV Edition s1.1.7
Little Fish Live. 3.7.66 (com.lovetv.jslive)
Superfast Live.
New Movie Paradise TV Edition s1.6.7
Orange TV Live 1.3
Xiao Wei Live.
BT Live.
Cloud Audio-visual Hall TV (Sohu Video TV) - 6.5.2
1Live.- 1.24.00
Full HD- 1.7.06
Xiaoming Live 1.0.7 (originally HD LIVE)
Non-card live broadcast s.7.09 (original seconds watching TV)
Star Set Videos
Le TV watching TV 1.1
Converged Universal Films and Videos, 1.58, Straight-Up, Cracked, Member Edition
Gubean TV (formerly Guangdong iptv,Free to watch movie lines such as the hospital line) s
Aishan Live.
HD Live.
Cool Watch Live.
Beep Mile Box Edition s1.4.6
Fire Shadows 1.7.0
Mushroom Films and Videos
Watch TV.
Hippo Live.
Migo Live.
Little Cool TV Live tv. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Live Seventy-0
Cool Flag Smart Assistant s2.4
AITV Live.
Want to watch TV 6.2
U Interactive TV Edition s4.2.2.7
CloudView Live.
Live TV- 6.6
Star sotted-for-OTT-LITEA-20170304
80sMovie-TV Edition 1.0
TV Home Browser s4.2.1.1
Galaxy Aichi v7.7 Go to advertise VIP by wuyueqi
CIBN HD TV VIP to upgrade to secretly download to launch the screen (this is the new version of Youku,Invalidated)
Shark Movie TV Edition 1.0.8
The Donation-Free Permanent LicenseDaversion



#Mobile version:(Red section is latest update)

Elephant Videos-v1.0.3-VIP
Nemo Films s1.2.3
Pumpkin Films.

Orange Live 2.5.2

Daily tv v1.2.6

Pumpkin Film v1.2.5
Pineapple Film 2.0.7 Refreshing edition
Happy Movies and Videos 1.0 Go to Ad Membership
Audiovisual TV v2.0.1
Super look 3.0
Winter melon film and television, 1.0.9, straight crack version
Spark Live Mobile Edition:
Shark TV 3.0.0 (Watch Blu-ray Live)
New Square Films: 5.19.0525
Winter melon film and television, 1.0.6, straight crack version
Love to watch the film and television, 1.3.6,VIP
Today's Tvs: 2.0.8-vip
Big Fish Films and Videos v1.1.4
Movie Fans 1.0
Music Broadcast Ingle Tvs: 1.7.2-VIP
American Playbird s.5.3.2-Mod
Grape Tv v2.5.2 Go To Advertising Edition
Android Tv Grand V6.7.3 Go to Ad Perfect Edition Pure
Pumpkin Films. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
vip universal film and television sv0.1.6-Crack
Today's TV 2.0.6
Video Pioneers 5.6.1
New Square Films: 5.19.0501
Shark TV 2.5.0 (watch Blu-ray live)
Spark Live Mobile Edition:
Music Broadcast Ingle Tvs s.1.6.0
Emmy drama sv1.2.8-VIP membership version decomcopy
Every day to see the advertising version of the chicken blood aunt
New Square Films: 5.19.0425
Spark Live Mobile Edition:
Tencent Sports v6.0.0.837 Mouse changes ★ de-advertising version (login is not supported)、to update)
Elephant Film s1.2.2 to ★ to an ad version
Silence Films 3.0.0
American Playbird s.5.1.25-Mod
Universal Films and Videos .1.4-VIP
XM as suuss5.5.3
Fan's Yard, 2.0.3, VIP
New Square Films: 5.19.0414
Film Dog 2.7.1
Perfect Video Large Full Tablet Edition s1.5.4.6
Perfect Video Grand All Mobile Edition s1.5.4.6
New Film and Television Grand Quan 4.6.5 (Package
Elephant Film s1.2.0 sconsumes to modify ★ go to the advertising version
Fan's Yard, 2.0.2, VIP
New Square Films: 5.19.0403
Music Broadcast Ingle Tvs s.1.5.7
Love to watch the film and television, 1.3.4,VIP
Universal Film and Television s.0.1.3-Shell-VIP Crackedition
Shark TV 1.0.5 (watch Blu-ray live)
Film and television grand total 2.9.11 (package name:com.dianying.ysdq)
Fan's Yard, 2.0.1, VIP
Elephant Films 1.1.7 (aggregate major video sites) to advertise cracked version by chicken blood aunt to advertise version
XM as suuss 5.3.1
Every day to see the advertising version of the chicken blood aunt
New Square Films: 5.19.0326
Shark Movie s4.1.6-Mod
Spark Live Mobile Edition:
Video Pioneers 5.5.5
LeLe Films and
Shark Movie: 4.1.0-NOAD
Pocket TV v1.2 Thanksgiving Feedback Edition
Viki Videos 5.0.1-Mod
Shanzhai Mahua s.2.5.4 (Hemp Film and Television)
Hemp Flower Assistant s.6.2 Beta (Hemp Films de-Advertising Plug-in)
New Square Films: 5.19.0302
Universal Films and Videos sv0.0.9-VIP-Crack
Love to watch the film and television grand full sv4.6.1 to go to advertising , perfect version
Perfect Video Grand Full Mobile Edition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Film Paradise s1.1.2
LeLe Films and
Fan's Yard, 1.4.1, VIP
Extreme Speed Films and Videos , 1.2 , VIP , Remove the Bullet Ads
Elephant Films 1.0.8 (Aggregatemajor video sites)
Whale Films and Videos 1.8.7
Spark Live Mobile Edition:
Mahua Film and Television 2.5.0- Go to the screen to update to open the screen
Cool Cat Tv★ fix membership failure
Le Tv -v1.5.4-Noad-Crack-Flower
Woodfish Films and Videos 1.6- Straight Crack Edition
Love to watch the film and television, 1.3.1, VIP
U.S. drama control s.7.6- go to ad litup V2 to update By Xuan Xiaoliang
youyou TV s1.0
Daily Tv s1.2.4 -Noad Mod By
Video Pioneers sv5.5.1-Mod
Every day to see s3.5.1
Silence Films 2.4.6
Film and television grand total 2.8.7 (package name:com.le123.ysdq)
Spotlight vip player s1.37
Film Dog s2.6.0
Flash Tv s1.0
Coke Tv s1.0.4
New Beginnings Films and Videos 4.1
Today's Catch-Up 1.0.0
Today's TV 2.0.2
American PlayBird s4.3.2
Converged Tvs.
LeLe Films and Videos 7.9
Today's American Drama. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
New Film and Television Grand Quan 4.6.2-Mod (Package
Fan's Yard . . . . . . . . . . .
DK Films and Videos.v4.1-Mod-VIP
XM as suuss4.9.1
Newly Lit Videos.
Universal Films and Videos s4.5.8-Go Ad Edition
Perfect Video Grand Full Tablet Edition s1.5.1.1
Cool Tv s2.7.3 (80S Cinema)
Video Online s1.1.4 (Package seconds broadcast VIP movies on each platform)
Mars Films: 3.1.9-NOAD
Terrarium TV Premium v1.9.10 build 112-Mod-V8
Super Look s2.3
Youaround Films and Videos 1.1.6
Seven Fruits Film v1.7.1 Straight Crack Edit member edition
Haiku Films and Videos 1.0.3
Film and television grand total s.0.0.6
Watermelon Movie 5.2
PolyVideo s1.0.0
Shark Movie: 3.6.2 -NOAD
Cool tv s2.6.2
That's okay,
CCTV mobile phone TV s2.6.0
Juhui Cinema.
Super Video Phone s2.5.1
360Film and television, v999,killad?qy
Magic Cinema s1.1.8-VIP
All-powerful film and television . . . . . . . . . .
Video Online s9.0
Love Nest Free TV s1.0.7
Tintin Films and Videos 1.2.9-VIP Member Edition
Movie Paradise . . . . . . . . .
Look at the movie and tv.
LeLe Films and Videos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Wangchai Cinema s1.0.0-Mod
Snowman s4.0-VIP
80s Mobile Movie-1.6.0
Video- and Video-2.0-SVIP
Dragon Cat Cloud View 1.1
A simple look at the s1.2
Full-gathered film and television . . . . . . . . . . . .
Snowman Cinema s1.0-SVIP
Night Owl Films s3.4.0
Ulong Cloud View Public Survey s2.9
Paparazzi Live s3.8.4-Noad
Great White Interactive s1.3
All-gather edgy video s1.1.2-VIP (any input activation code is enough)
i Watch Live s1.3.0
VIP Cool Bar
Differential Films and Videos.
Renren Videos:
Thunderbird Live.
Xiaomi Videos 20171211
Movie Radar s3.1.7
Ulong Cloud View 2.2
VIP Browser s1.3.3
Square Video: 1.0.7-NOAD
Jay Wei's Family Films and Videos 1.2.1
Watermelon Videos s2.1.6
Great White Films and Videos, 5.0, VIP
Renren Videos: 3.6.3-Noad-Lucky
Meizu Youku 6.7.0-Mod
Movie Box s1.0.6
Wibox and Mgtv2.5-VIP
80s TV s.1.0.0
Cat Group Live.
Cool Bar Videos . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
91Watch mobile TV.
Eye Guide 1.0.0
Palm play VIP film and television analysis 2.8
VIP Video Resolution s1.0.2 (Youku)
dittoTV v4.0.20170817.1 [Subscribed]
Mobile TV s7.4.10
Super Videos 2.2.8-Mod
Films and Videos 1.0.7(Fix problems with some model sidebars not showing)Mobile phone
SKY Films and Videos 2.0708
Video Resolutions 1.0.0808 BET
Aggregate Box s1.0-VIP
Gather to see the cinema 1.5.1
Bull TV Cloud 1.0.0
Waterser Videos, 1.9,Fix


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