Web Design Editor Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019 v19.2.1.11281 x64 Chinese registration-free version

Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a professional web design tool on the Windows platform。Love Green Soft Brings Web Design Editor Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019 x64Chinese registration-free version has been updated tov19.2.1.11281

Use Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019 Your web pages that can be designed in a visual environment,Very convenient and efficient web design。Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019 Support for CSS Editor、and jQuery library code auto-completion features, etc.。

Application instructions:

Responsive websites。Really fast。
Use Dreamweaver CC,您可以快速轻松地设计编码和发布在任何尺寸的屏幕上都赏心悦目的网站和 Web 应用程序


利用支持 HTMLCSSJavaScript 等内容的 Web 设计软件几乎随处都能快速制作并发布网页

借助经过简化的智能编码引擎轻松地创建、Coding and managing dynamic websites。Access code tips,For quick understanding and editing HTML、CSS and other web standards。Reduce errors and speed up website development with visual accessibility。

Dynamic display on each device。
Build responsive sites that automatically adjust to any screen size。Preview and edit the site in real time,确保在进行发布之前网页的外观和工作方式均符合您的需求

利用起始模板更快地启动并运行您的网站您可以通过自定义这些模板来构建 HTML 电子邮件“关于”页面博客电子商务页面新闻稿和作品集。Code shading and visual cues to make it easier to read your code,and then quickly edit and update。

Multi-monitor support for Windows
Right now,You can display web pages on multiple monitors,to expand your workspace。

CEF integration
Dreamweaver is now integrated with the latest version of the Chromium embedded framework,You can build a modern HTML5 site,and display the elements、CSS grid and other content。

Redesigned new UI
A streamlined and clean interface,You can customize the workspace on this interface,Make it show only the tools you need to encode。

Git support
Collaborate easily with Git support。Manage all your source code in Dreamweaver,and do all the common things directly in the Git panel。


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Version description:(Big Eyes)

Support only 64 Bit system,Registration-free,Install ready to use


Download address:



https://pan.baidu.com/s/1qwFJPO17tPnNyRjDVBw9UQ Extract code:uqxl


Tips:0Points are login view,99Points for SVIP login view,Free use of high-speed download links 5 times a day for regular users。

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