Android Music Player Mezzo v2019.04.23 Paid UnlockEd

Mezzo is a music player on the Android platform.。The paid unlock version of Mezzo, the music player that Love Green Soft brings to everyone, has been updated.v2019.04.23.

Mezzo is an app that supports offline music playback.。Mezzo supports waveform spectrum.、It has an equalizer with presets and sound effects built in.、It also allows custom emphasis colors at night.&Daytime themes.、Supports folder views that support instant search. 。


Description of the app:

(Offline.) Mezzo Music Player. – Beta version.

I hope you like Mezzo.,I hope you will.! 🙂
– Sleep timer(Press the song.、Time or interval.)
– Wave spectrum. (*)
– Sort (By song name.、Album(+ Album year.)、Singer、The length of time.、Add/modify the date.)
– Headphones. (+Bluetooth): Plug and play is supported. (***), Double-click/triple-click is supported.
– Instant search.
– Allows custom emphasis colors at night.&Daytime themes.
– Lyrics (Embedded.)
– Song list.(Create easily&Management)
– Music library settings.: Exclude folders.、Minimum song length.
– Tag Editor (+ Lyrics & Album Cover (**) )
– Automatically scans for new songs in your device.
– Set to ringtone.
– Customizable 4.×1Widgets.、4×4Widgets.
– Support for Scrobbling. (Built-in automatic detection.)
– An equalizer with built-in presets and sound effects. (Bass Enhancement、Virtual)
– A folder view that supports instant search. (“Only the current folder.” And “Folder + Sub-folders.” Mode.),Album、Singer、Genre view.

* May not be available for some songs/formats.
** Editing album covers for the entire album is only supported.(Not some songs.)
*** There are no restrictions after removing ads.

If you find a bug in a Mezzo music player. – Please contact me via email.: [email protected]
If you find a problem in the Mezzo music player.,Feel free to contact me by email.。


Update the log:

2019.04.23 Beta.:
✔ New.: Lyrics .lrc support. (synchronized.)
✔ New.: Ability to change lyrics text size.
✔ Fixed.: can't resume playing after quit/launch the app.
✔ Fixed.: in some cases it can crash after playlist edited.
✔ Improved.: Most Playing counting algorithm.
✔ other bug-fixes.


Version description:(@Kirlif')

1、Unlock the paid feature

2、Disable statistical analysis.


Download the address:



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