E-figure mind map MindMaster v7.3.1 Green Portable Special Edition

MindMaster is a mind map software on windows platform。Love Green Soft brings billion-dollar mind guide MindMaster Green Portable Special Edition has been updated tov7.3.1

MindMaster has an intuitive process and guided interface,Can meet the different users of the process chart production operation。And MindMaster also offers a wealth of practical features and a massive theme style.。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

Turn it into a simple,Refining ideas
Will be a complex knowledge、Information and ideas,Simplify into an orderly, structured mind map,Helps you clear your mind、Induction、Deduction、Learning and remembering。 Inspiration、Mind-up、Memory Assistance、Project planning、Lectures、Multi-scenes to improve your learning and productivity。

Multi-platform design
Seamless integration of a wide range of devices

Storage and sharing in the cloud
Alibaba Cloud Architecture,Files are available anywhere at each terminal

Integrated Thinking Map Community
Share your ideas with the thinkers

Office software collaboration
Output to Office,Pdf,Impression Notes,There are Taoyun notes

Extraordinary visual presentation
30Kindof topics,19seed layout,Super 5000 Vector Library

Multi-scene presentation
Brainstorm、Branch Traversal,Slide show


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:

* Based on official version of the modification
* Green installation-free
* Crack ingel activation


Download address:




SVIP free

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