Android Mango TV v6.3.4 Go Ad Special Edition

Mango TV is an online video viewing app on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Android Mango TV to ad special edition has been updated to v6.3.4

Mango TV is the only Internet video platform owned by Hunan Radio and Television,Hunan Satellite TV Online Video Media Platform。Mango TV exclusive to provide Hunan SATELLITE TV all columns of high-definition video live on demand,And provide users with all kinds of popular movies、TV series、Variety、Animation、Music、Entertainment and more。

Application instructions:

Mango TV,By Hunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd. ("Happy Sunshine") is responsible for the specific operation。The company is the only new media organization of Hunan Radio and Television to develop the network video business.。

Mango TV is an online video media platform for Hunan Satellite TV,Provide you with the life you yearn for 2、Mom's Superman.、Every day、I'm a big detective.、I want to sing 3 with you.、Happy Base Camp、Transformers、Abnormal death、Great future

Longing for life 2、Mom's Superman 3、I'm a big detective.、Every day、Happy Base Camp、Singer、The Big Curry Show

Base camp
"Happy Base Camp" is a variety entertainment program run by Hunan TV on July 11, 1997

TV series
Mango tv Hunan SATELLITE TV brings you a great future、Abnormal death、Phoenix for The Phoenix、Tornado Girl、Warm strings

Where's Dad, season four.
"Where Daddy Goes" Season 4 Preserves and Continues Past Happiness、Warm、Moving painting style and parent-child education theme

Mobile clients
Mango TV is an online video media platform for Hunan Satellite TV,To provide you with the life you desire、Mom's Superman.

PC client
Let the time travel,See beautiful and convenient to watch the wonderful solo content together,Enjoy the ultra-clear picture quality experience

The only major U.S. studio to sign up for the network,Don't buy explosive money,Because Level is high enough.,Don't Chase Hot


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:(Schick Blood Mom)

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