Network bag-snatching tool Telerik Fiddler v5.0.2018.14580 Chinese Hanhua Special Edition

Telerik Fiddler is a web-capture tool on the windows platform.。Telerik Fiddler, the bag-snatching tool that loves Green Soft has now been updated Chinese Hanhua Special Edition. v5.0.2018.14580. 。

Fiddler is an http protocol debug proxy tool.,It can record and check all http-related communications between your computer and the Internet.,Set the breakpoint.,View all "in and out" Fiddler's data (refers to cookies).,Html,Js.,css and other files)。 Fiddler is simpler than other network debuggers.,Because it not only exposes http newsletters also provides a user-friendly format.。

Description of the app:

Telerik Fiddler.
Available for any browser.,A free Web debugging agent for the system or platform.

Web session operation.
Easily edit your Web session.:Simply set the breakpoint to pause session processing and allow the request/response to be changed.。Write your own HTTP requests and run them through Fiddler.。

Performance testing
Fiddler lets you see "total page weights" at a glance,HTTP cache and compression.。Use rules such as Mark any uncompressed response greater than 25kb to isolate performance bottlenecks.。

Customizable free tools.
Benefit from a rich scalability model.,From simple FiddlerScript to powerful extensions that can be developed using any .NET language.。

Security testing.
Decrypt httpS traffic and use man-in-the-middle decryption technology to display and modify Web application requests.。Configure Fiddler to decrypt all traffic.,Or decrypt only a specific session.。

HTTP / HTTPS traffic records.
Use Fiddler to record all HTTP (S) traffic between your computer and the Internet.。From almost any agent-enabled application (IE).,Chrome,Safari,Firefox,Opera, etc.) debug stoush traffic.。

Web debugging.
Commissioning comes from the PC.,Traffic to Mac or Linux systems and mobile (iOS and Android) devices.。Make sure that the correct cookies are transferred between the client and the server.,Headers and cache instructions.。Supportfor any framework.,Includes .NET.,Java,Ruby, etc.。

Telerik Fiddler is part of the .NET and JavaScript Ninja Developer Productivity Tools series.。Make your next project the best!


Update the log:

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Version description:(the big eye)

1、Provides complete http communications and information.
2、Provides a user-friendly format.
3、Ability to record and check all http-related communications between your PC and the Internet.
4、Set the breakpoint.,View all Fiddle's "in and out" data.
5、It's easier than other network debuggers.


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