CBOX CCTV video v4.6.4 green to advertising version

CBOX is an online video player made by CCTV。Now love green soft for everyone to bring CBOX CCTV video green to advertise version has been updated to v4.6.4

CBox CCTV is a client developed by CNTV,Online to provide a number of live television and on-demand columns,Covers CCTV and LIVE TV、Column on demand、Movie。Comprehensive and powerful Chinese live TV app! Aggregate CCTV's large number of exclusive resources!

Description of the app:

CCTV video all-round powerful Chinese live TV application! Aggregate CCTV's large number of exclusive resources!

Live Artifacts TV treasure trove supports more than 140 live streams,The content covers CCTV、
Most of the channels of provincial and municipal TV are available for viewing”Column.、Movie、TV series、Documentary、Move.
Draw.、Sporting events”and other content-rich video-on-demand programs

Live streaming and on-demand stereoscopic playback mode anytime, anywhere,All-round content presents live bookings and look back、Smart renewal、Watch offline、On-demand subscriptions


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:(ypojie)

1、Go to today's recommendation information bounce window、Go to the lower right corner of the advertising pop-up window;

2、To play buffer ads,Go play the bottom patch ad;

3、To launch the map program publicity、Completely prohibit subsequent mandatory upgrades;

4、Delete the service program、The upgrader、The error reporter;

Note:If you are prompted that you can't find a dll that can't be performed, install itMicrosoft Runtimeto resolve this issue。


Download the address:




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