Chrome Green Plug-in GreenChrome v6.6.6 – Permanently stop the update

GreenChrome is a green plug-in for Chrome on the Windows platform。Now Love Green Soft brings the chrome green plug-in GreenChrome has been updated tov6.6.6

GreenChrome is a very good chrome browser enhancement plug-in,GreenChrome supports appended Chrome run parameters、Remove developer mode warning、Start、Run the program when it's closed、Blank new label page。And GreenChrome can be portable in the green version.、Built-in hosts、Perfect support for 32-bit,64Bit、Cracking flash lock zone。


Application instructions:

Enhanced interface
Double-click to close the tab
Hover activates tabs
Right-click close tabs
Hover Quick Label Switch
Keep the last tab

Enhanced features
Append Chrome Run Parameters
Boss Key
Start、Run the program when it's closed
Remove developer mode warning
Blank new label page

Mouse gestures
Support for special page use
Sensitivity adjustable
Support for any shape
Track color weight can be set
Support for custom features

More features
Portable Green Edition
Perfect support for 32-bit,64Bit
Built-in hosts
Cracking flash lock zone
Key conversion


Update the log:

2019Updated on March 19 (added digital signature)
Due to too many reported poisons,Permanently stop the update,Stop receiving feedback,Self-judgment on whether to use。

6.6.6:Fix a memory out-of-bounds issue;Other minor modifications。
6.6.5:Fix crashes when greenChrome settings are turned on。
6.6.4:Fixing the append parameter insertion location is incorrect。
6.6.3:Fix compatibility issues with chromedriver。
6.6.2:Fix the underlying bug of the analog keys,Fixing a bug in the left and right key exchange。


Version description:

Installation & Upgrade

Due to the special implementation of software,Various security software is likely to be intercepted。If you're worried about security,,Please do not use。If you use,Please take the initiative to add dll to the white list.,Otherwise, it is easy to have problems.。

This software is not a third-party independent browser,Put winmm.dll in the same directory as chrome.exe.,Start Chrome automatically。

According to Chrome, how many bits,Choose your own 32-bit(x86)Or 64 bits.(x64)Dll in the catalog,Selection error cannot be loaded successfully,There won't be any reaction.。If the operation is correct and can not be loaded can also try to rename winmm.dll to version.dll or userenv.dll。It's not going to work to change all the names.,Please reconfirm whether the 32-bit 64-bit selected correctly (will be displayed in Chrome's about-side interface)。All the methods have been tried.,So here's a final solution.:

The software defaults to a portable version of the design,So the data is saved to the current directory by default。Installed users of existing data if they just want to use other enhancements,You need to open the profile,Remove data redirection (within the append parameters) and turn off the portability option (set to 0)。

The upgrade is simple.,Directly cover the old dll with the new dll,Be careful not to override GreenChrome.ini,Otherwise, the default settings will be restored,If there is a change in the ini content will be explained in the update log。

If you really don't use,Use the kit update directly:,You can automatically update Chrome and GreenChrome。


Determine if GreenChrome loaded successfully:

  1. GreenChrome will appear on the page,and write the version number.
    chrome绿色化插件GreenChrome v6.6.6 - 永久停止更新
  2. Setting up the interface,The top left corner point out menu will appear a link to set Up GreenChrome
    chrome绿色化插件GreenChrome v6.6.6 - 永久停止更新
  3. If you're using it in another Chromium kernel browser,,None of the above interfaces appear,Still loaded successfully,Can open directly https://set。I'll tell you quietly.,Gesture Drawing S can also enter the settings。


Frequently Asked Questions Must-See
1、If the current directory is not writeable,So even if you have a GreenChrome.ini profile in the current directory, it won't take effect.,Instead, files with the same name under %appdata% are automatically used。Specific GreenChrome.ini locations can be clicked on location in the web settings interface。
2、If the profile GreenChrome.ini has changes that need to be modified synchronously (almost no changes,There will be notification of modifications),It is recommended to use beyond compare comparison software for synchronization。
3、The software works by covering a layer outside the chrome interface,Like double-click off.,Is converted to send a middle key message after the outer layer is captured to double-click the message,This enables the label to be closed。So when it comes to the functionality inside the web page, you can't handle it.,Like dragging and dragging open a web page.,It really can't be achieved.,Let's put an extension.。The functionality that can be achieved has been basically realized,So the requirements for new features basically can't get。

4、Many other functions are implemented by sending shortcuts,Especially the control of mouse gestures。So if the current shortcut doesn't take effect,,Mouse gestures also fail.。For example, the current web page is playing a video,The player handled some shortcuts and so on。
5、didn't say there's a function that's no,Like after installing can google,Can you use npapi?,Can you turn off DirectWrite?。

6、How XX function does not work,Have a question? Some security software may be blocked without prompting,Please check your own。In addition, the author has limited energy.,It is not possible to test all kinds of systems and environments again.,Just make sure most people can use it.。
7、Why open two icons in the taskbar? You can try to unblock an icon that is locked,And relock after cleaning up the quick way under %appdata%Microsoft Internet Explorer Quick LaunchUser PinnedTaskBar。Note be sure to lock when you turn on Chrome when you're running,Because the program automatically sets the shortcut to read-only,Avoid creating double icons。
8、How do I set it as the default browser? In general, just click on the default browser for settings in Chrome settings,If not, it could be that there was old data before,You can try to set up chrome again after you can use the administrator to run chrome,If not, it may be that some security software has locked the default browser,Please check。/9、Why did my Chrome become a gold icon on the interface? This is because Remove Developer Mode Warning is enabled,This feature simulates the current browser as a canary version,Does not affect any functionality,Please feel free to use。
10、Why is Chrome always prompting for updates? You can add startup parameters:–disable-background-networking

11、Update the error on the settings page? The software comes with a scripted version of the easy update feature,If an error is recommended, the full version updater is used,It's going to be more stable。
12、Can't chrome settings open? Due to location,Sometimes removing developer mode warnings can cause this problem,Turn settings on when you're turned off,Then turn on the Remove Developer Mode warning setting again and still work。

13、Only https s when the software is released://Compatible with Chrome in,There is no guarantee that Chrome will remain available after the upgrade。Other browsers such as the chromium kernel will not test compatibility,Any bugs are normal.,Can you use all the luck?。
14、If your Chrome doesn't plan to update,Then GreenChrome doesn't update.,Because GreenChrome is compatible with the latest Chrome 15、If you update Chrome from time to time,Be sure to update GreenChrome regularly。
16、Any non-latest version of GreenChrome bugs is ignored。And sometimes there are bugs that aren't necessarily caused by GreenChrome.,You can turn Green Chrome off for a while.,Test ingress using exclusion。

17、There is no hooliganism in this software,I can't control the drug.,Trust me.,Don't believe Me Don't Install。


Download address:



If the software version has a higher version this site is not updated ,Please leave a message under this article,Reminder updates.。Software not included in this siteClick On My Submission

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