Non-destructive music download ersty music download tool MusicTools v1.3.3 Go to update the pop-up version

MusicTools is the next non-destructive paid music free download tool on the Windows platform。MusicTools, a non-destructive music download tool that loves green soft for everyone, has been updated tov1.3.3

MusicTools is a music download tool made by Little Black Healer,At present, the main support of the following music platform QQ music、NetEase Cloud、Cool Dog、Shrimp、Baidu thousands of quiet listening,MusicTools supports lossless and paid music downloads。The software is very good.,The UI interface is very simple.。


Application instructions:

-Software UI interface overhaul,Imitation of a cloud of music
-Lyrics and cover images can be downloaded at the same time
-Key new features:Create a list of songs/albums
-Three playback modes:List Loop/Single Loop/Shuffle
-Create based on a single/album link,Very convenient
-Perfect support for non-destructive music analysis listening/downloading
-New Discover music features,Content is neteasy cloud music source
-Search source changed to official parsing,No longer restricted by third parties
-Main confusion download feature;What is the confusion feature? Let's take the:Now the music platform copyright is different,Songs that can't find a copyright in a cloud music are automatically resolved to other music platforms,This saves a lot of trouble.


Update the log:

1. Fix problems that won't play songs in some cases
2. Fix preview MV black screen issues in some cases
3. Optimize the download function,Problems with bulk download exceptions
4. Remove the lower right corner pop-up window when the software starts
5. Play music cache files online under the temp folder for the download directory
6. Optimize the experience and fix known BUGS


Version description:

1.Software is only for learning and communication,Do not use for commercial purposes。Thank you for your cooperation!
2.Software is confused with encryption, etc.,Killing soft may be false positives!
3.There is no mobile version!


What to do if MusicTools has a problem:


Download address:



If the software version has a higher version this site is not updated ,Please leave a message under this article,Reminder updates.。Software not included in this siteClick On My Submission

This information may help you.: Download help | Points to earn instructions | Resource download instructions

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