Android Music Download Tool Rewind v2.8.1 Refreshing Go Ad Edition

Rewind APP is a paid music download tool on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android music download tool rewind fresh go advertising version has been updated tov2.8.1

Rewind APP is a free, pure, unadvertised, paid music download tool,You can search for free auditions to download paid songs and copyrighted music on major music platforms,Collect the latest and hottest music charts,Support QQ Music、NetEase Cloud Music,Music free download audition sit lyrics,Login QQ can also collect songs。

Description of the app:

1、Support SToE Cloud login with a bound phone number,QQ login (!!! Attention,Don't ask about mailbox or other ways to sign in,None of that is easy to achieve.。),Song list.,Daily recommendations,Private FM,Collection,Hearts。
2、Support QQ music using QQ login,Support for adding tracks to Hearts songlist。Song List Relationship:Intersection,Co-set,Empty set (ignore this)。For the time being, only NetEase Cloud Song List is supported。
2、Supports NetEase Cloud Music.、QQ Music Playback。
2、View play history,Historical playback records view listening to great songs you've heard in the past;
3、Recommended top songs every day,Recommended songs,Discover good music;
4、Private FM Online Listening,It's good to listen to songs and listen to FM.;
5、Skin can be set yourself,Set transparency.,Make skin with your favorite beauty,It looks more sad and pleasing.;
6、Can shake a shake cut song、Show local songs and more,Settings for everyone to provide some very good features waiting for you to dig。


Update the log:

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Version description:

Refreshing ad-free version


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